the snow twinkles on the ground
it looks like little drops of heaven
from the angels tears.
clear tears above all clouds.
the shine makes the world seem calm
maybe even fragile
and it's the crack of lightning
and cracks in the sidewalk
if you heard the old tale
never step on the cracks
or you will break your mama's back
is what they said, so i avoided cracks
so my mother's back wouldn't break
oh, what a tragedy that would be,
if the man had died
but he hadn't
he didn't do it
or didn't move anything
absolutely nothing.
but i have to try
try to be better
wait like that would happen
i'm evil forever.
no will to be happy
like the grinch who stole christmas
he was sneaky
looking to cause harm
an end to it all
an answer
to make everything stop.

*this was a project that from language arts class, where each person wrote down two lines without out seeing the first line the previous person wrote to make a poem which is why in some places it sound kinda random. the lines that i wrote are the first two but anyways i hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves xx*