Here are some top tips for living a better and healthier lifestyle for yourself:

1. Surrounding yourself with people who matter.

~ this could be looking back at the family and friends you have and the time you spend together. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people? If so, that’s great. Make sure you hold on to the people who make your life just that little bit better.
If not, let them go. Surrounding yourself with negative friends and family can have a major effect on the way you act and live. If you’re not happy with the people you spend your time with, then maybe this is the time to be with people who matter to you.

2. Live in the moment.

~ always always live in the moment! It’s not just a positive way to think but it can make a huge impact with your attitude about life. Whenever or wherever you are, never think about the future. It’s too far ahead to be worry about things that are a long way to go. Enjoy every moment spent with whoever you are with. You never know when that time will be up, and when it is you’ll be thinking ‘why didn’t I enjoy living in the moment?’ instead of already thinking about the future.

4. Always think about the positive side to life.

~ even if there is something really bothering you, you should always think about the positive side to it, even if there isn’t none. Tricking your mind to thinking everything will be okay will soon make yourself do believe it too, and that’s when it turns to reality.
To everything dark tunnel there is always a light at the end.
Overthinking situations causes a high level of stress which isn’t needed. Stop overthinking things and always think about the better outcome in life. Being a positive person will reduce stress and mentally and physically make yourself a better person.