follow my playlist here & enjoy :)))) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4wrUEJBRwyhVlZd95YQM0K?si=PGGLTa5bTZm1-AVBbm3iSg

Novo Amor ~ Anchor

novo amor image novo amor image
"my dear, is it all we've ever been?"

José González ~ Heartbeats

like, random, and what image flowers, aesthetic, and daisy image
"ten days of perfect tunes, the colors red and blue, we had a promise made. we were in love."

Iron & Wine ~ Call It Dreaming

Image removed band, album cover, and artwork image
"we can bow 'cause our music's warmer than blood"

The Paper Kites ~ Halcyon

the paper kites, song challenge, and day 10 image flowers, nature, and tree image
"breathe, it's over now, over now"

Bon Iver ~ Holocene

aesthetic, nature, and green image amazing, life, and pic image
"and at once, I knew... I was not magnificent"

Hollow Coves ~ Coastline

hollow coves image australia, beach, and beautiful image
"I'm moving far away... to a sunny place... where it's just you and me... feels like we're in a dream... you know what I mean"

RY X ~ Bad Love

cartoon and tom and jerry image music, aesthetic, and favorite image
"how can I wait? holding your bag for you"

James Vincent McMorrow ~ We Don't Eat

music, slow, and we don't eat image adventure, aesthetic, and chilling image
"oh, I'm so tired of playing these games"