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This is an 'If I were...' summer edition, as summer slowly comes to an end and a new, different one will come. While you're reading, you can also discover your 'If I were...'
Let's have some fun, shall we?

If I were...

A summer fruit:
Cherries or plums

cherry, lips, and aesthetic image fruit, plum, and food image
I still can't decide which one is my favorite

A flower:

flower and Lantana image
Lantana camara (common lantana) is a small perennial shrub which can grow to around 2 m tall and form dense thickets in a variety of environments.

A movie:

grease, couple, and movie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I watched again this movie recently...It's romantic yet funny and totally a summer must-watch❤

A time of the day:
Golden hour

Temporarily removed Image by maddie ♡
That time during early evening, where the sun starts to set and the sky has so many beautiful colours and clouds💓

A item of clothes:
Maybe a cute floral dress

Inspiring Image on We Heart It outfit, dress, and fashion image
I love wearing cute floral patterns.It makes me feel beautiful and summery❤

A summer constellation:

galaxy, sky, and stars image

The story of Andromeda, daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia, of Ethiopia, brings together many notable names of legend. Her mother's boastfulness and pride greatly angered the sea gods and this resulted in Andromeda being sacrificed in order to appease them. Knowing full well that she would be at the mercy of the sea monster, Cetus, the King and Queen allowed their young daughter to be chained to a rock on a cliff overlooking the sea. However fate, in the person of Perseus, intervened. Riding home on the winged horse Pegasus, he heard Andromeda's screams as Cetus approached her. Holding high the head of Medusa he charged towards the monster who was instantly turned to stone as he looked upon the severed head. Taking great care to prevent Andromeda from looking at the head, he then released her from her chains. The young couple immediately fell in love and, as Perseus had just saved their daughter's life, Cepheus and Cassiopeia readily consented to their marriage.

andromeda, constellation, and star map image
source: https://www.heavens-above.com/?lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=UCT

A color:

closeup, color, and photography image Temporarily removed
A vivid summer color to bright up my day

A vacation place:

corfu, Greece, and Island image corfu, great view, and Greece image
beach, corfu, and Greece image

A song:
“You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)” by Meat Loaf

aesthetic and yellow image

A drink:

drink, city, and summer image drink, pink, and strawberry image
I love having some chill time with close friends in a a nice place with cocktails during summer

And that is it for today guys! I hope you had fun reading this article and it was a nice time seeing you all!

Everybody, until next time make sure to stay safe, healthy, happy and hydrated!

Love y'all

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