Don’t lose yourself in fear
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❝ I have a friend who is suffering from panic attacks and has depression and I don’t know how to help her. She has changed a lot and I am trying to make her feel happy and keep my calm but only bad things keep happening to her and she is determined that nothing will ever go right.

We would like to thank the writer for being so supportive and caring to her friend. All of us should try to enable these qualities for those who are in need.

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Anika/@TaintedAesthatics - Dear Anonymous, I think it’s amazing you’re trying to help your friend. Really less people actually care about others in this day and age. And, honestly that’s just sad. So, I thank you for asking our help. I know panic attacks and hopelessness really well. I have had so many panic attacks, I’ve lost count. The whole hyperventilating, crying, feeling you can’t breathe, the cruel anxiety, that horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen. The worry, the fear is always there. And, whatever anyone says, no, panic attacks are not easy to control. You can’t just breathe in and out and all will be well. It’s the thought that kills us. And, we’ll always be thinking. We’ll always worry about future possibilities. All you can do for your friend is keep supporting her. But don’t give her false hope that everything is going to be fine. Try to help her do things she loves. Do not let her listen to sad af music. I do that cause I think I have a knack for self torture or something. It makes you even more depressed. So, no sad music. And, depression is a constant battle. It’s like you’re breaking apart little by little and nothing can ever fix you. Everything seems pointless. Don’t like, pressure her to try to be happy or chastise her for being depressed. Honestly, no one would willingly choose a hell like depression. Loneliness is a big thing here. Talk to her, listen to music. Idk, dance, eat pizza, just do things that make you feel alive. Because we depressed people feel like we’re walking on the road to death. No, not being over dramatic. Idk if all the shit I said helped or not. But, I hope you’re friend gets better. Lot’s of love.
Nadine/ @sparkling_tears - Dear anonymous, you are the type of friend everybody wants to have. Thank you for supporting your friends during this hard time! It must be hard for you to see your friends suffering and not being able to really help. I would advise you to be there. If possible, go out with her. Make stuff that is fun. If she wants to talk or needs somebody to listen, listen. Unfortunately you can't force her to be better or to be happy. Pressure is the last thing your friend need right now. Besides helping her, please don't forget yourself. I had friends with depression and other health issues and it is easy to get caught up in their problems. If it is too much for you, take a break. Make something for yourself to feel good. You can only help others when you are healthy. Plus, you can only help others when they want help. If your friend doesn't want help or stays negativ, accept that. You can't change what other people think. If you can't handle it, give yourself a time out, because otherwise you'll burn yourself out. I wish your friendship all the best. If you get through this together you'll probably be friends forever. I wish you two a lot of strength, you'll need. Stay positive and take care!

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