NAME : Zoe McCreary


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SPECIES : Weretiger

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Hiking, Running, Journaling and Eating


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She had her parents and a little sister before. Now she is alone as they're dead.


During a family vacation in India when she was 10, they got attacked by wild tigers who where actually weretigers. She was the only one who survived the bite. She was founded alone in the mountains a few days after the attack by other people and was send back to america to her aunt place. During her first full moon she couldn't control herself and killed her aunt. During the investigation, they found out the attack was from a tiger and thought one must have get away the zoo. Zoe transform into a real tiger and was placed in a zoo for years. Here she was fighting with other tigers, being reject because she was differents and they could feel it, she was starving and brutalise by people.

One day, Scott's pack went to a zoo excursion with school and found out that one of the tigers weren't normal, it was Zoe. They tried to turn her back to her human form and getting her out of the zoo. After that she became friends with them.


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Kira Yukimura


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Cora Hale