From the inside

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โ†’ 8 glasses of water daily
โ†’ take vitamins
โ†’ eat more during meals and snack less


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โ†’ exercise* / stretch
โ†’ yoga daily
โ†’ maintain a good posture

Body care

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โ†’ Morning

  • shower
  • moisturizer
  • FPS

โ†’ Night

  • shower
  • acid
  • second acid :p
  • moisturizer
  • hands moisturizer

โ†’ Weekly

  • exfoliate
  • moisturize

Exercise / stretch

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โ†’ sunday

  • rest day

โ†’ monday

  • lower body

โ†’ tuesday

  • upper body

โ†’ wednesday

  • cardio

โ†’ thursday

  • abs

โ†’ friday

  • lower body

โ†’ saturday

  • full body

Thank you for reading.