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After a long hiatus, 'Waning Moon' came back with 2 plus members.
Yumi, their sub lider, talked about the hiatus on a VLive on april 23, announcing her comeback along with the comeback of WNMN.
"You waited a long time for us, didn't you? But this year, I assure you that Waning will be back, actually, faster than you thought." that's what she said about WNMN, and a few days later, SN Entertainment posted a statement on his official website, warning that Waning's comeback was scheduled for August 6 of this year.
Later, on the same day, the OT4 girls (Yumi, Mei, Minji and Sunny) did a live, saying that they could not go into details, but that this year was full of news for the Moons.They also weren't able to introduce the members before their debut, so they couldn't answer questions from fans about them.

release date: 06/08/2020

— tracklist:
01. Mirror [3:36]
02. Fantasy [3:24]
03. Girls [3:31]
04. Trap [3:10]
05. 싫다고 말해 (Put It Straight) [4:16]
06. Your Name [3:09]

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