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This article is the first in a new monthly series of mine which will be a collection of the best articles that I've read over the past few weeks regarding a specific topic. The articles I've read might be older than a month, but nonetheless, they're still really well-written and informative!

To kick things off, I chose to focus on the one and only most important topic for me: the climate crisis.

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if you have any recommendations for future topics I should focus on, let me know!

#1 Weheartit Articles

Elaine perfectly sums up the philosophy behind the mainstream 'zero waste' movement & gives a lot of practical tips on how to reduce waste on a daily basis!
I love articles like these where you have a lot of different new resources to check out - I hadn't known a lot of the apps which are now new favourites of mine!
in this article, Charlotte provides a very concise & well researched overview of the fast fashion problem & ways to make more environmentally conscious choices!
a personal & honest interview oftentimes paints a better picture of what being vegan is like than statistics and data - I really enjoyed reading it and feeling understood as someone who struggles to portray veganism 'authentically' without overstepping any boundaries!
this article covers a lot of different statistics and quotes surrounding the climate crisis - a must-know for passionate climate enthusiast!

#2 Mainstream Media

a) How To Protect Your Mental Health While Taking Climate Action:

"Part of taking action against climate change means grappling with. the anxiety and grief the issue can trigger. Since the first instinct when experiencing unpleasant feelings can be to turn away, it's important to remain optimistic while still acknowledging the severity of the problem at hand."

I feel like this one was the most reassuring piece I have read in a long time - definitely worth a read!

If you want to read more:

b) Protecting 30% of planet could bolster economy:

"Restoring nature is increasingly being seen as vital to tackling both the causes and impacts of climate breakdown, providing long-term protections against the effects of extreme weather such as flooding, storms and drought."
"The benefits to humanity are incalculable and the cost of inaction is unthinkable. This report unequivocally tells us that the time to finance nature, for people and for planet, is now."

If you want to read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/08/protecting-30-planet-could-bolster-economy-study-says

c) What can you do to fight the climate crisis?

"Individual acts alone won’t stop the climate crisis, but there are things we can do. We asked experts what they do in their daily lives to make a difference."

If you want to read more:

#3 Pictures & My Own Article

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with the app 'a billion veg' you can donate 10$ to an animal welfare organisation for every 10 reviews you post - download it now & start reviewing & donating today!
I have watched this series twice now and I will probably watch it again one day - if you wanna know why, I've outlined the biggest reasons in this article for you!
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the end. you made it! wooh!

I'm very curious what you think about the articles (which one was your favourite?) - you can always send me a message & I'll try my best to reply asap!

Other than that, I think that's it for today. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy and I talk to you soon!

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