I've read this somewhere and I don't know who wrote it, but from the bottom of my heart - thank you...

''I killed myself once.
I told the mirror I hated what I saw.
I told the pen I hated what I wrote.
I told my dreams that they were all obscene.
I told my love that it didn't belong,
and I told my heart that it functioned all wrong.

But I am still alive,
hoping one day the mirror will forgive me,
that one day the pen will come back home,
that some day my dreams will regain power,
that soon my love will engulf me whole,
that my heart will one day begin to warm again.

I killed myself once.
But I got a second chance,
to make amends with myself.
To make sure that the next time I die,
it'll be after a life well lived,
and that's the way I hope to go.''

These words felt like a blade went through my heart, because I am still not in peace with myself.
But this also gives me hope, that perhaps one day I'll find what my soul is still seeking for.

Until next time,

- Mikaela