1. Dunno where it is going movie: Under The Silver Lake (2018)

If u love "It Follows" u gonna love this, if u love "nonsense" movies u gonna love this and if u love hollywood culture conspiranoia shit oh yeah u gonna love this!

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2. Siblings apart movie: Ms. Purple (2019)

3. An abandoned girl fighting for her dream movie: First Match (2018)

hella good <3

4. Black family comedy movie: Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison

I watched this jewel last night and i almost tore my stomach laughing, u know I really love black culture movies (not those cheesy ones like The Blind Side -.- sorry!) and this is hilarous but at the same time it made me cry! Just brilliant, give it a chance but if u r not into those scripts talking absurd stuff going wild, don't recommend u, although everything they said in this movies made perfect sense to me in many ways xD well, there u have! Oh! i almost forgot, if u love Wayans bros movies i bet u gonna love this one.

5. Wanderlust vibes movie: American Honey (2016)

Omg what a movie, just really, really beautifull but baffling, with an indie american vibe that follows the lives of that youth who can't find a little space for themselves, going wild between survive until fall apart of keep chasing a pure dream... Oh! yeah Shia honey is in this movie and he looks hella cute xD

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if u love Florida Project u gonna love this one!

6. Many conflicts gettin' into one movie: Tangerine (2015)

Krisna! Just watch Tangerine plss, just watch it no more to say 'cause it's UNNECESSARY xD I dunno how i didn't watch this movie before, shame on me D:

it felt so real <3

7. The classic sicko with a mask killing people in a cabin movie: The Rental (2020)

Not so the big thing not so cliché, u can watch it on a bored sunday noon and you'll have a good time xD

Sometimes we need this shit haha.

8. Super uncomfortable disturbing movie based on real facts: Compliance (2012)

I not only felt sick but impotent

9. Boys into real shit problem: Super Dark Times (2017)

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has hella good shots <3

10. The classic psychological cult movie u have to watch before u die: Donnie Darko (2001)

Do i need to explain why u have to watch this movie? no i don't xD 'cause i'm bad explaining when something is just perfect. I had a crush on this pro for a very long time by the way, Jake Gyllenhaal just looks so cool and his acting is fascinating along with the movie of course! Anyway, a masterpiece :3

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also i LOVE rabbits :D

11. Based on real facts serial killer movie: The forest of love (Ai naki mori de sakebe 2019)

Another Japanese jewel, hella good dialogue, and Shiina Kippei did an amazing actin' it absorbed me completely!



Sicko but not so sicko male protagonist: Under Your Bed (2019)


Heartbraking Brotherhood movie: The last black man in San Francisco (2019)

hope u like it folks! 'Till later :3