The Lumleys are an old royal bloodline and the origin lies in their position as the Earls of Scarborough.
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Aurelia Lumley is the third daughter of Patrick and Lucia Lumley.
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Aurelia is born on the 15th of April therefore her zodiac sign is Aries.


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With her father being a pureblood from an old royal bloodline and her mother being a Half-Veela, she is a Half-Blood and Quarter-Veela
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She has two older sisters, Aurora and Flora and a twin brother, Aurelius.

Name Origin

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Aurelia means the golden one in Latin.


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She has black semi-long (chest length) straight hair and brown eyes and her height is about 1,78m


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Little princess would be the most fitting term for her and her behaviour is most of all times somehow very naive.
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She is indeed a sweet tooth and while Aurelia is a lazy yet very efficient extrovert she surprises people with her cunning wit.


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Dungarees or mom jeans are always combined with her white Converse and T-Shirts or long shirts that are mostly striped.
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Colour Palette: Muted tones like blue and green, but also bright yellow and a more muted yellow/orange tone.


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In her free time, she reads a lot and sings most time of the day or is playing her instrument alongside her siblings.


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Her mother taught her the Harp and the Double Bass

Different capabilities

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Like Aurora, her father introduced her into the field of Alchemy.
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She and her brother have a strong telepathic connection which they are simply calling "Twin Relation"


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She got sorted into Hufflepuff, in 1993


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10 ¾” of vinewood and a dragon heartstring core. Aurelia does not only share the same type of core with her twin brother but the dragon heartstrings belong to the same heart of a golden dragon.


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A Barn Owl named after the Roman God of loyalty, honesty, and oaths, Sancus


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Aurelius being tortured

Mirror of Erised

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Her Family during Christmas having fun in the snow, baking cookies and sitting in front of the fireplace with a big cup of hot chocolate.


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Cinnamon, Vanilla and Tea

Best Friends

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Eleanor Branstone and Laura Madley


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Mafalda Prewett

Favourite Class

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Astronomy and Potions Class

Favourite Teacher

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Favourite Spell

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Expecto Patronum
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Homenum Revelio
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Every Teacher's Darling and a very attentive student that tries to encourage her fellow classmates to speak up against bullshit.
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She and Aurelius mostly work as partners whenever they can otherwise they use their twin relation for mind conversations let it be during a boring class or even discussing the right answers in exams because the teachers actually don't know about that ability.

Yule Ball

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Aurelia wears an orange floor-length dress with long sleeves. She tucked her hair with a flower broach and wears black ballerinas.
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In terms of makeup, she chooses orange eyeshadow and black nail polish.
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She went with Aurelius and they stayed for the official part and danced a lot together.

Triwizard Tournament

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As a proud Hufflepuff, she rooted for Cedric and she wore a self-made Cedric-Pin when she watches the tasks alongside her siblings. Like Flora, she felt numb when Harry appeared with his corpse but unlike Flora, she couldn't handle it very well and had nightmares in the following weeks.

Umbridge Era

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Unlike her older sisters, she and her brother weren't in the DA simply because Aurora and Flora didn't give their allowance to join mainly because of their young age.

Snape Era

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Even though she wasn't an active part of the resistance like her sisters, she and Aurelius used their twin relation to work together to gain information on where the Carrows are going to be next and then used that time window to search in their offices.

Battle of Hogwarts

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Like all minors, Aurelia and Aurelius were sent home and could only hope that their sisters and father who came for support would do all well.


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During her school time and especially during exam prep Aurelia realized how much joy teaching and helping others brings with it. Therefore she decided to become a teacher for Astronomy and Charms.

Future Events

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After she graduated, Aurelia travelled through Europe and made some friends across the continent. She absolutely adored her visits in Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy and thinks to revisit them in the near future.
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Later she became a teacher for Astronomy and Charms at Hogwarts.
Misses Sarah
Misses Sarah