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Memories Once Lost

Sometimes, when it’s dark out
And I’ve had too much to drink
My memories feel like ghosts
Trying to cross over the brink

Shoving their way through my brain
Like kids lost in a corn maze
Ghosts don’t care if you’re insane
All they want’s to set your cerebrum ablaze.

Memories haunt, unafraid, void of all mercy
Because their heart’s the same as yours
For them there is no controversy
They know exactly what’s hidden behind their doors.

They’ll possess you for a moment
Take grip of the wheel
Become your sole proponent
Enforce exactly how you should feel

Memories have nothing to hide
And nothing left to lose
Even memories lost will bide
Their time, then resurface with booze.

They’re impossible to shake,
Clinging to people, places, things
They’ll feel wondrous to make
Then stab you like broken springs.

They’ll never let you sleep
Haunt you anew each night
For they’re hidden somewhere deep
Don’t bother putting up a fight
Just know the memories you never wanted to keep
Will always be those with the most painful bite.

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