How Well Do You Regulate Your Thoughts?

Ask yourself these questions to assess your mindset:

1. What inaccurate conclusions do I draw about myself?

2. What types of things do I beat myself up over?

3. What excuses do I let myself make?

4. What's my definition of success?

5. What do I tell myself when I fail?

6. What is my self-worth based on?

7. What do I think when I'm rejected?

8. What type of self-doubt do I experience?

9. When do I become overconfident?

How Well Do You Manage Your Emotions?

Ask yourself these questions to assess your ability to manage your emotions:

1. How do I respond to emotional pain?

2. Which emotions sometimes get the best of me?

3. Which fears prevent me from reaching my greatest potential?

4. Which emotions do I avoid the most?

5. When do I feel happiest?

6. Which emotions lead me to behave out of character?

7. What strategies do I use to boost my mood when I'm down?

8. Can I recognize when my emotions are starting to get out of control?

9. What do I do when I notice I'm starting to feel sorry for myself?

Do You Keep Your Behavior Productive?

Ask yourself these questions to assess your behavior:

1. When do I give up too soon?

2. When do I keep going longer than I should?

3. Do I recognize when my behavior isn't in line with my values?

4. Do I take care of my body well so my mind can be at its strongest?

5. Which mistakes do I make over and over again?

6. When do I seek short-term solutions that lead to long-term problems?

7. What prevents me from taking action toward the goals I want to achieve?

8. Do I devote my time and energy to things I believe are most important?

9. How do I sabotage myself?

Enjoy <3 !