Why am I telling you this?

Simple! My dreams and aims are high above normal person dreams, I dedicated my life for this one goal only, to be financially independent. Today I can bolster the rewards of my accomplishment, enjoy life #traveling, spoil my wife with #fashion and #wealth, and watch my kids grow up in a comfortable environment.

I am now 50 years old, have 3 grown-up kids (1 grand-kid), and a wife I love and endorse more than my own life itself. I don't need to work anymore, just keeping my hobby of interest on whats got me here and maintaining my website https://hashant.com to get last trends and news for what I'm passionate about.

Simple and easy living.

My wise words to you young people are this:

Keep dreaming and aim high, keep on track reaching your goal and let no one tell you they won't work. Those people are poisoning for you and avoid them at all costs. You will reach your goal as me if you keep trying and focus all your ming in that direction.

I wish you a great happiness in life.