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Dream appearance

Image by ParadiseWorld brown, lashes, and Nude image cute, flowers, and roses image Image by tenderlygirl

Dream Style

clothes, clothing, and coat image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image

Dream Home

decoration image architecture, cozy, and interior image interior image aesthetic, book, and bed image

I like any kind of home style that really looks nice to me.

Dream Destination

aesthetic, seoul, and korea image korea, aesthetic, and seoul image aesthetic, asia, and building image coffee, aesthetic, and drink image
South Korea

Dream Job

study, school, and inspiration image study, study notes, and note taking image marking image aesthetic, fashion, and dark academia image
I want to be a full-time English teacher in South Korea and on the side I may do some accounting :)

Dream Partner

couple, love, and hands image couple, love, and boy image aesthetic, faceless, and hands image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

someone that's funny, adventurous, outgoing, and accepts me for me

Dream Pets

Temporarily removed cat, animal, and black image
A snake and a cat :D

Dream Friend Group

alternative, grunge, and indie image Temporarily removed explore, free, and fun image Temporarily removed
a group of friends that I can share the same energy with, friends that are sociable, and loves to go on long car rides to fun destinations

I hope you like it! Bye!