Credits to @hobicafe! This is where I first saw this tag.


Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good morning/afternoon/night! I like tags that are introspective, so I thought it would be fun to do this tag.


hair, hairstyle, and flowers image earth, hand, and nature image Image removed amazing, photography, and sprout image
I associate earth with sturdiness, honesty, and consistency. It has the power to create life of its own, and is predictable while also ever-changing and growing.


fire, flames, and purple image purple, water, and aesthetic image girl, purple, and bird image flowers, pink, and purple image
I took a quiz lol and got royal purple. I'm wise and elegant when I want to be. Most of the time I'm pretty crazy, but I like the color purple in general as well. Haha the rest of the descriptions will be less thorough because I just realized how many questions there are.


eagle and nature image aesthetic, white eagle, and eagle image
Eagles. I am pretty ambitious and again there's the concept of regality.


banana, food, and fruit image food, banana, and bread image
Bananas, because I'm tall, skinny, and sometime's crazy.

Disney princess

animation, lockscreens, and cartoons image disney, iconic, and indigenous image
Pocahontus. I like doing things differently, appreciate other cultures, and love the earth, animals, and nature.


drama image 16th century, baroque, and costume image
16th century.


aesthetic, beautiful, and clouds image girl, mountain, and valley image
A valley.

Clothing item

jacket, clothes, and fashion image fashion, style, and inspo image
Jeans because I can be uptight.

Time of Day

colorful, dark, and dusk image girl, sky, and travel image


flowers, fruit, and boat image light, lantern, and night image animals, fiji, and gif image elephant, animal, and nature image


lying, friends, and feathers image awesome, beach, and beauty image
Lying in the shade on the hottest day of the year.


quotes, beyoncé, and believe in you image beyoncé, Queen, and feeling myself image
Beyonce comes to mind lmao.

Tv show

cameron boyce and bunk'd image disney channel, peyton list, and kevin quinn image


winter, snow, and christmas image winter, ice, and landscape image aesthetic, iphone, and mountain image aesthetic, frost, and heart image


cactus, flowers, and nature image Image by Irena15
Cactus flower.


Image removed Image by •Adorable Princess•


bracelet, earrings, and gold image boho, gold bracelet, and mother of pearl image


lawyer, professional, and scandal image aesthetic, desk, and exam image


grunge, indie, and marina and the diamonds image Image by mic_m
"F***, I'm lonely" - Lauv. Lmao.


disney, inside out, and pixar image BRAIN FREEZE, pixar, and summer image
Inside Out.


Image by Private User zendaya, icon, and layout image slay, goals, and zendaya image zendaya, braids, and beauty image


chocolate, food, and ice cream image ice cream, chocolate, and food image
Chocolate ice cream


milkshake, so good, and yummy image food, drink, and milkshake image


chanel, pink, and aesthetic image ball, charm, and football image
Soccer ball
Thanks so much for reading! This article took forever, so I hope you liked it and got more insight into who I am :) Here's the last article I wrote!
“To me, the best zombie movies aren’t the splatter fests of gore and violence with goofy characters and tongue in cheek antics. Good zombie movies show us how messed up we are, they make us question our station in society… and our society’s station in the world. They show us gore and violence and all that cool stuff too… but there’s always an undercurrent of social commentary and thoughtfulness.”