♥ aries-
volcanic love- the aces
chewing gum- blood orange, asap rocky & project pat
say it- flume & tove lo

90s, alternative, and carefree image nails, aesthetic, and red image

♥ taurus-
warm- drees & mia
summertime high time- cuco
boredom- tyler the creator & rex orange county

aesthetic, flowers, and purple image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image

♥ gemini-
carmen- lana del rey
welcome and goodbye- dream, ivory
valley of the dolls- marina and the diamonds

gif image barbara palvin, makeup, and sad image

♥ cancer-
space bootz- miley cyrus
high school- chloe lilac
sad songs in the summer- olivia o'brien

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♥ leo-
national anthem- lana del rey
maniac- jhene aiko
deeper- summer walker

quotes, boys, and vintage image aesthetics, artistic, and artsy image

♥ virgo-
younger- the hails
space song- beach house
needy- ariana grande

necklace, gold, and jewelry image aesthetic, alternative, and quotes image

♥ libra-
blue- the happy return
my kind of woman- mac demarco
lovers rock- tv girl

Letter, vintage, and quotes image 90s, couple, and love image

♥ scorpio-
play with me- rendezvous at two
i’ll kill you- summer walker & jhene aiko
fweaky- miley cyrus

red, lips, and vintage image heels, seduce, and shoes image

♥ sagittarius-
drive away- the brummies & kacey musgraves
pictures of girls- the wallows
supplier!- crisaunt

love, couple, and car image fashion, style, and aesthetic image

♥ capricorn-
shedgaf- broderick batts
uncomfortable- the wallows
myth- beach house

aesthetic and rose image aesthetic, quotes, and gold image

♥ aquarius-
manic pixie dream- chloe lilac
emotionless- crisaunt
blondie- current joys

aesthetic, grunge, and skate image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image

♥ pisces-
white- odd future & frank ocean
daydream- milk & bone
lava lamp- cuco

aesthetic, alternative, and angel image quotes, aesthetic, and pink image