Hey, lovelies! Today, I will be sharing some of the best SNL sketches from recent seasons! I will share with you what each sketch is about, and who is in it. Be free to watch them on YouTube- let’s get started!

Chad and RuPaul

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This is a must for any Chad fans ( Like myself) RuPaul transforms Chad (Pete Davidson) into a beautiful drag queen and Chad puts in his own charm.

MasterClass Quarantine Edition ( 1 and 2)

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In these sketches, Chloe Fineman ( And Melissa Villasenor) plays different celebrities teaching their MasterClasses- Timothee Chalamet (Chloe Fineman) teaches fashion, Jojo Siwa (Chloe Fineman) teaches TikTok, Carole Baskin (Chloe Fineman) teaches bike riding, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Chloe Fineman) teaches journalling, John Mulaney (Melissa Villasenor) teaches class, and Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) teaches something

Digital Exclusive: Animal Crossing

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This is hilarious for anyone who has been using ACNH as therapy during the quarantine. Melissa Villasenor and Mikey Day visit each other's islands, but for some reason, Melissa's game is a bit... different.

Bodega Bathroom

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An innocent customer (Pete Davidson) asks to use the bathroom in a gas station, despite what the 'Bodega Man' (John Mulaney) and his friend (Chris Redd) say. In this Charlie and The Chocolate Factory parody, the 'Bodega Cat' (Kenan Thompson), The Oompa Loompas (Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and Mikey Day), and the Virgin Mary Candle (Kate McKinnon) guide this poor boy how gas station bathrooms are disgusting

The Library

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RuPaul is asked to read to kids at a local library, but instead, he throws some shade at iconic children's book characters, much to the confusion (and enjoyment) of the parents (Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, and Ego Nwodim)

Del Taco Shoot

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Miranda (Chloe Fineman) and Douglas (Kyle Mooney) get a gig for a commercial for Del Taco's new Buck and Under menu. But Douglas just can't get a line right, so the director (Beck Bennett) and the director of branding (Adam Driver) try to help him get into the character

Weekend Update: Baby Yoda

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Michael Che interviews the breakout star Baby Yoda (Kyle Mooney) on Weekend Update. But Michael is surprised when Baby Yoda is far more self-aware then he lets off

Childbirth Class

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An Icelandic couple (Heidi Gardner and Harry Styles) unknowingly brag about how well they are doing during their pregnancy.

Judge Barry

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A judge (Chance the Rapper) makes courtroom decisions solely based on first impressions. ( This sketch has a wonderful guest appearance with Jason Momoa)

Spooky Song

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A young couple (Heidi Gardner and Kyle Mooney) go to hook up in a graveyard when a group of ghosts (Kenan Thompson, Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day, and Chance the Rapper) sing a song about how they died. The only thing is, one ghost is very secretive on how they died...


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Oscar (David Harbour) is facing a midlife crisis when his once cheery Sesame Street, falls into a world of crime. In this Joker parody, you see a dark take on the childhood show Sesame Street, where Big Bird (Heidi Gardner) is a private dancer, The Count (Beck Bennett) has to count his pills, The Cookie Monster is homeless and needs to collect cookie donations, Elmo (Melissa Villasenor) getting arrested for selling contraband, and Bert (Alex Moffat) and Ernie (Mikey Day) get mugged on the street

GoT tribute

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Pete Davidson has to write a rap about the ending of GoT, but he has never seen the show... so he raps about his real favorite show- Grace and Frankie

Future Self

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A wimpy teenager named Trent (Mikey Day) sees himself in the mirror and makes the realization he will never get jacked. His older selves (Alex Moffat and Beck Bennett) coach him through life, but one thing is bothering Trent- his much older girlfriend named Tishy (Sandra Oh) Her odd behavior confuses Trent and the older version of the most popular kid at school (Kyle Mooney)

The Impossible Hulk

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Dr.Banner (Idris Elba) hits himself with gamma rays in an experiment, and now when he is angered he turns into a Karen (Cecily Strong)

Chad Horror Movie

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Chad (Pete Davidson) gets a mysterious phone call asking if he wants to play a game... now he is being tortured by a childhood friend he bullied (John Mulaney)

Westminster Daddy Show

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The announcers (Kate McKinnon and Matt Damon) announce a wide selection of 'daddies' (Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, and Chris Redd) for the Westminster Daddy Show

What's that name?

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A game show host (Bill Hader) asks what the names are of contestants (John Mulaney and Cecily Strong) friends- friends

Thanks for reading! I know it was kinda long, but you should definitely watch these! Bye for now!