The right companion to your neck is something bold, beautiful, and timeless. While velvet and ribbon chokers are hot, lethal, and versatile, black beaded chokers are like their classy cousins. If you're not that high on the former, the latter may be something you're sure to love more!

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Beauty and versatility are two characteristics in black beads. Blacks beads for jewelry are often made of plastic, with that jet-black glossy appearance that gives off a shine. If you prefer to not have that gloss, there are also matte beads that exist. Other materials for black beads include wood, felt, stone, and others.

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Hematite is a notable stone for beads. They have a metallic look and are more gray than black, but they come with healing property that make you calm and relived off stress. Plus, they feel icy cool when you put them on.

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No matter if you're going to a ball or getting high as a kite, they certainly won't look out of place with how you dress. They go well with dresses, t-shirts, or any outfit regardless of style. With the weight and feel around your neck, you won't be able to help but grin like a mad woman for the camera.

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Unlike velvet chokers, black beads are an accessory that you might not feel that you've grown out of. Whether you are 15, 35, or up, there's no having to worry about looking out of date or outside your age-range. It can stay a part of your wardrobe for decades.

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And of course, they're super affordable. You can buy black beads by the bulk and make your own with strands and clasps. Not many online merchants sell black beaded chokers, but once you find one, it'll be likely to cost only a bargain. If you pay more than $20 for one, make sure it's extremely worth it. Often it is, though!

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What sized beads do we prefer? We recommend 10mm beads as the ideal size. They're noticeable, they look sexy, and practically no complaints. However, the size of beads can also make your neck look either thicker or slimmer! Choose larger beads if you want a more slender-looking neck, or smaller beads if you want a neck that looks thick and meaty.

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You can't go wrong with owning one of these timeless and ageless accessories. They look good, feel good, and come in many different sizes.