ₕₑₑy, ₕₒw y'ₐₗₗ dₒᵢₙg?

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sigh yes i'm back again

Imagine having an app on your phone and literally not opening it for a year and a half 😳

So today I was editing wallpapers for my phone (maybe I'll post some later ;) ) and I was like, wow, I hate googling "aesthetic this" and "low quality that", if only there was an app that would make things easier-


Crossing my fingers and praying my old WHI account hadn't been logged out (it would take some digging to find the password, and I'm rather bad with shovels), I clicked on the app with bated breath.

Not only was I logged in, but I had notifications. Lots.

I scrolled through some of my collections to jog my memory, and even reread my old articles because I enjoy embarrassing myself I guess.

To my surprise, many of them had accrued copious amounts of hearts while I was away. People actually ENJOYED my cringey writing?

And then I was like, hey, I still have a few weeks of summer left (and frankly, nothing better to do), why don't I try writing again? So provided I don't forget about the existence of this platform and loaf around for another year, this is my comeback.

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Although I don't have a ton of ideas yet, don't worry, I'll be doing plenty of sleep- uh, brainstorming. And for the people who didn't unfollow despite my account being dead for nearly two years, I truly don't deserve you 🥺


- @peach_light