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Nyx was a primordial deity in Greek mythology that preceded the Titans and the Olympians. She is the first of all creation. Before there was anything, there was darkness or ‘night’ and it was there that Nyx came to be, according to the ancient Greek mythos.
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She was the personification of the night, usually envisaged as the very substance of the night, a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens.
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In ancient art, she was depicted as either a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes crowned with an aureole of dark mists.
Parents: Chaos
Siblings: Erebus, Gaea, and Tartarus
Husband: Erebus
Children: Nemesis ( Retribution), Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death), Gerasn (Old Age), Eris (Strife), Charon (The boatman who brought the souls of the dead to the gates of the underworld), Hemera (Day) and Aither (Light).
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According to Hesiod, Nyx's home was in Tartarus, a place of torment, suffering, and darkness, along with her children. Each night Nyx would emerge from her cave within Tartarus, and hand with Erebus, and would block out the light emitted from Aether, bringing night and darkness to the world. The next morning Hemera would then emerge from Tartarus, and sweep away the darkness of night, and Nyx would return to her abode. Thus, mother and daughter were never in the same place at the same time.
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Nyx is a unique goddess. She can impact mankind in a good or bad way. She has the ability to bring sleep or death unto to humanity. Her appearances are sparse in surviving mythology, but reveal her as a figure of such exceptional power and beauty that she is feared by Zeus himself.
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An interesting tale took place between Nyx’s son Hypnos and Zeus. Hera, Zeus’s wife, goddess of Birth & Marriage, asked Hypnos to put Zeus to sleep. She was trying to plot against him, while he slept. The plan did not end very well. Hypnos was not strong enough to incapacitate Zeus. When he figured it out, he hunted down Hypnos. Nyx allowed her son refuge in her cave. Zeus was too afraid to anger her, so he retreated to whence he came.
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