1) have you ever lied & what was it?

book, quotes, and aesthetic image red, quotes, and alternative image
i do lie but not very often

2) what is your fav eyeshadow color?

asian, korean, and makeup image eyeshadow, pale, and pantone image
when i feel like it i go for a natural shade so brown, nude, black, etc

3) what is ur biggest achievement to date?

Greece, travel, and santorini image korea, beautiful view, and buildings image
to travel around the world

4) are you an introvert or extrovert?

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i think i'm an introvert

5) what secret would you tell me?

grunge, quotes, and hard image love, message, and secret image
trinity isn't my first name ;)

6) do you regret anything?

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i regret many things, the last thing i regretted is ghosting someone lol

7) if you had $1,000 to spend what would you buy?

japan, welcome, and japanese image travel and kelsey calemine image
i would probably book a flight somewhere

8) do you have anger issues?

meme image meme, spirited away, and aesthetic image
nope i'm pretty chill

9) is the glass half full or half empty?

aesthetic, white, and girl image girl, wine, and drink image
half full...?

10) what is your favorite quote?

anime, Nana, and shin image manga and Nana image
โ€œwe are all farsighted, we give importance to those things that are far from us, while neglecting the things that are close to us... only to realize their value later when they are out-of-reach again...โ€
โ€• ai yazawa

11) whom would you ask 100 questions to?

kpop, rose, and blackpink image grunge, kpop, and night image
probably blackpink rosรฉ

12) whom do you admire?

artist, girl, and travel image artist, girl, and travel image
alyssa silos aka alythuh !! she's a successful artist and travels the world and is so powerful and inspirational :,)

13) what scares you the most?

quotes, stars, and lana del rey image why, grunge, and pale image
probably losing people

14) are you a good dancer?

meme, clown, and mood image bed, girl, and life image
haha nope

15) are you girly girl?

fashion, girl, and cow image fashion and style image
sometimes! i'm trying to be a bit more girly and trying out different styles

16) could you give up eating meat permanently?

food, aesthetic, and burger image food, aesthetic, and burger image
honestly i don't think so

17) what is your happiest memories?

korean, squad, and ulzzang image grunge, pale, and boys image
hanging out with my cousins at the amusement park and staying up super late :,)

18) do you believe in god?

angel, aesthetic, and pink image angel, aesthetic, and grunge image

19) are you a lover or hater?

bisexual, gay, and cute image cartoon image
lover !! our world needs more love

20) where do you want to travel?

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image italy, aesthetic, and architecture image
sooo many places !! i wanna go to japan and explore in europe

21) who was mother teresa?

Catholic, jesus christ, and mother teresa image aesthetic, alternative, and celebrity image
she was a saint in a catholic church and helped many people in need !

22) what is important to you?

quotes image life, quotes, and concert image
cherishing moments with all my loved ones

23) are you a hugger?

dog and shiba inu image ao haru ride and anime image
not really..? but hugs are okay and nice every now and then :)

24) yes or no?

hirunaka no ryuusei and manga image manga and anime image
i'm very indecisive

25) do you know how to deal with negativity?

music, quotes, and life image Image by Private User
i usually listen to music and maybe cry or i write out all my thoughts in my journal

26) are you honest about all your traits?

aesthetic, cute, and soft image anime, girl, and icon image

27) do you try to improve yourself?

meditation, shower, and witchcraft image quotes, cry, and mess image
yes :) during quarantine i've really been trying to, little by little, improve myself mentally

28) what is your favorite meal?

food, pasta, and drink image food, delicious, and aesthetic image
i think it has to be pasta

29) have you taken drugs?

aesthetic, angel, and blue image angel, aesthetic, and pink image
neverrr, i'm an angel

30) what extreme sport would you have a go at?

aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image archive, theme, and 5thhokage image
tennis!! i enjoy it but i'm not great

31) can you speak another language?

anime, hmong anime, and asian+anime image quotes, french, and words image
i used to speak lots of hmong but not much anymore and very very little french

32) you should smile and laugh everyday, do you?

korean and ulzzang image aesthetic, girls, and friends image
yes and it's usually a funny video or something on my tl

33) are you good or naughty?

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i'm good for the most part

34) what would be your dream job?

reality, quotes, and grunge image computer, confused, and depressed image
i have a hard time answering this kind of question because i don't dream of working for a life time ?? LMAO IDK

35) do you want children?

aesthetic, apparel, and babies image baby, anime, and cry image
i feel like i'm not great w kids :( but maybe ??

36) how do you spend your birthday?

Temporarily removed friends, aesthetic, and fashion image
with friends and family !!

37) do you prefer shoes or handbags?

sneakers, dior, and nike image fashion, shoes, and dior image
shoes for sure !

38) do you apologize when you are in the wrong?

aesthetic, beauty, and girl image 2d, anime, and girl image
i try to?

39) are you generous?

anime, yashiro, and anime icon image Image removed
i think so

40) do you exercise regularly?

clothes, fitness, and gym image style, fashion, and outfit image
i haven't worked out in over a month :( i should really get my grind back in

41) what are your bad habits?

anime, food, and aesthetic image aesthetic, disney, and mood image
probably constantly eating unhealthy and staying up way too late :(

42) what are you good at?

rp, theme pics, and anime image nature, mountains, and landscape image
drawing and photography i suppose

43) how would your friends describe you?

aesthetic, alternative, and best friends image asian, dogs, and girl image
"easygoing" and "wholesome" loll ๐Ÿ™ˆ

44) summer or winter?

Image by <3 beach, water, and sea image
summer !!

45) do you send cards/letters instead of texts/emails

aesthetic, message, and text image quotes and text image
texts/emails but i think letters and cards are cuter so i should try doing that more

46) can you leave your phone at home and go out and have fun?

aesthetic, fashion, and iphone image aesthetics, aesthetic, and beach image
no probably not :(

47) are you tidy or messy?

city, view, and room image room, view, and sunset image
i'm tidy for the most part

48) what is your fav outfit

fashion image aesthetic image
big pants w a cute top and some accessories <3

49) what is the last meal you cooked

aesthetic and food image aesthetic image
udon noodles :D

50) where do you go with your friends?

ethereal, food, and girl image girl, asian, and korean image
i feel like we're always eating lol

51) what are you doing tomorrow?

girl image food, delicious, and yummy image
eating pasta w my friends tmrw :))

52) do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

manga, aesthetic, and anime image boyfriend, futaba yoshioka, and kou image
haha nope

53) what is your ideal date?

aesthetic, delicious, and food image sky, clouds, and sunset image
getting ice cream and watching the sunset <3

54) do you believe in ghosts?

dark, ghost, and grunge image 1980, 80s, and indie image
i've never seen any but i kind of believe it?

55) what is your favorite joke?

pink, daddy, and grunge image meme image
idk there's a lot of tiktok jokes and videos that i think are funny

56) what are your dreams?

Image by Private User flowers, aesthetic, and mountains image
going somewhere far away where i can be at peace

57) do you like me?

kpop, meme, and jennie image lisa, meme, and reaction image
if the person who created this is asking, then yes?

58) have you ever been in trouble?

aesthetic, boy, and tumblr image meme, funny, and mood image
yes haven't we all ?

59) have you ever surprised anybody?

blue, cake, and heart image cake, red, and food image
yesss i did a surprise birthday party for my two friends !!

60) what is your hobby?

japan image anime, manga, and japan image

61) do you wear a bikini or swimsuit?

aesthetic, beauty, and girl image casual, clothes, and clothing image
i mostly wear swimsuits but i recently tried to wear bikinis

62) what do you like about whi?

80s, 90s, and aesthetic image nails, pink, and aesthetic image
gives me so much inspiration and i love all the aesthetics

63) do you have any disabilties?

shoes, nike, and sneakers image fade, fc, and icons image

64) how do you choose your friends?

aesthetic, girls, and friends image mine image
through our interests and similarities

65) would you like to go and live on mars?

moon, people, and aesthetic image sky, clouds, and sunset image
honestly yes i'm down

66) do you clean your teeth every night?

city, aesthetic, and travel image Image by Private User
yes unless i'm super tired

67) who is your fav fashion designer?

aesthetic, expensive, and fashion image clothes, fashion, and jewelry image
vivienne westwood !! <3

68) do you wear makeup or go natural?

makeup, eyes, and girl image lips, aesthetic, and makeup image

69) do you eat mcdonalds?

pink, drink, and McDonalds image McDonalds, rose, and skirt image
only every once in awhile

70) where are you going on holiday this year?

aesthetic, beautiful, and black image light, snow, and dark image
most likely stay home w family

71) how would you spend a day without money?

kpop, aesthetic kpop, and bts boyfriend image apple, grunge, and laptop image
i'd be chillin

72) short hair or long hair?

black, Calvin Klein, and fashion image aesthetic and earrings image
both are cute but i prefer long hair on me

73) what did your last text say?

copy, homework, and messages image boy, funny, and text image
"we're sleeping" lmao

74) who is your fav singer/band?

blond, frank, and blonded image theme, frank ocean, and blonde image
frank ocean

75) what festival would you go to?

fireworks, summer, and yukata image buildings, cherry tree, and night image
i think a festival in japan would be so much fun

76) what restaurant would you like to visit?

theme, sushi, and aesthetic image aesthetic, food, and theme image
maybe a really good sushi restaurant?

77) do you like football?

clouds, school, and sunset image color, field, and football image
not really

78) what pet would you like?

aesthetic, dog, and soft image dog, animal, and puppy image
i really want a puppy :(

79) where do you want to get married?

flowers, nature, and photography image travel, flowers, and beautiful image

80) when and where was your kiss?

anime, manga, and love image text, aesthetic, and quotes image
what kiss lolll

81) who in history would you like to interview?

makeup, aesthetic, and art image guitar, pink, and music image
i seriously have no idea...

82) can you give a speech to 100 people?

meme, reaction, and funny image quotes, class, and dark image

83) do you suffer from anxiety?

rapper, hello kitty, and lil uzi vert image life, panic, and funny image

84) what famous person would you like to be and why?

girl, beauty, and brunette image cindy kimberly, makeup, and blue image
i mean she's insta famous so does that count? wolfie cindy is a baddie <3

85) how do you express your feelings?

aesthetic, hip hop, and inspiration image book, aesthetic, and grunge image
music, journaling, or through tiktok videos that i relate to

86) what is your fav possession?

aesthetic, black, and gray image aesthetic, anime, and bed image
i think my macbook

87) what is your number one goal for this year?

bag, beauty, and belt image eyebrows, girl, and heart image
be more confident

88) what makes you feel better when you have a bad day?

controller, gaming, and heart image twitch image
watching my favorite content creators on twitch cheers me up or i just listen to music

89) what is your favourite movie and how many times have you seen it?

disney, rapunzel, and tangled image flowers, rapunzel, and disney image
idk why but tangled is probably one of my favs because i've seen it so many times and love the lanterns scene

90) what are you doing this weekend?

fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
working :/

91) do you meditate?

aesthetic, bambi, and minimalism image aesthetic, bambi, and food image
i try to every once in awhile

92) what was the last thing you bought?

interior, plants, and room image clothes, clothing, and fashion image
i bought a gift for my friends bday !!

93) what would you choose, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?

aesthetic, feed, and tea image cake, dessert, and food image
i enjoy them all but tea !!

94) do you keep a diary, and what do you write in it?

aesthetic, monochrome, and black and white image book, aesthetic, and grunge image
i wouldn't really call it a diary but just a journal to write out any thoughts that are overwhelming my mind

95) are you a party animal or party pooper?

aesthetic, beach, and water image ulzzang, boy, and asian image
i don't really go to parties beside family ones and birthday ones but it all depends on the people that are there

96) what does feminism mean to you?

indie image girl and aesthetic image
strong beautiful gorgeous powerful brave stunning excellent amazing astronomical brilliant intelligent

97) who admires you?

manga, Nana, and shin image anime, girl, and illustration image
that is a very good question

98) what type of music feeds your soul?

aesthetic, guitar, and pink image aesthetic image
hip hop, r&b, rap

99) do you like to stay home or go out?

travel, aesthetic, and car image beach, nature, and sun image
i mostly like staying home but every now and then i like to get out the house

100) out of 10 how happy are you right now

Image removed adore, Relationship, and smile image
honestly probably like an 8 !! i'm doing pretty okay atm :)

thank you to those who actually read through this whole article ?? i hope you're having a great day and remember to stay hydrated and healthy <3