These are some points that I have defined that make me question our existence on earth. I’m not saying that these don’t have valid explanations, I’m just saying in the big scheme of the world and life and the universe these things blow my mind and make me question many things about life.

- We are living on a big rock in the universe
- The universe literally has no end, even if it did there would have to be something after it
- There are a bunch of people in your country that literally tell you what you can and cannot do
- If you think about it, noting matters what you did on earth when you die (unless you believe in reincarnation)
- There is this random red stuff in these random tubes in your body that keeps you alive
- History, like we have all these sources about what happened but we will never be there to experience it
- Witchcraft, meditation & manifestation all of these practices have such a valid point in our lives, however, we cannot explain it
- Emotions, they come and they go and although they are chemicals in our brain and can be explained by science I feel like there is a level ambiguity with what emotions are
- One tiny little slip up in the brain can literally make you die, however, there are people who have had major injuries and they survived

These are my ideas and what I believe there are heaps more in my head, please don’t mistake this for ignorance they are just ideas I cannot wrap my head around, and I’m happy to educate myself. Ultimately life is so special, and we should treasure every moment.