Hello! Linn here, I feel it's important that we read books that talk about important things so here are a few.

Eleanor and Park

Talks about love, toxic masculinity, bad family relations, fat shaming, and feeling lonely
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All the bright places

Talks about depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, bad family relations, bipolar disorder and suicide
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The catcher in the rye

Talks about depression, anxiety, being lonely and losing someone
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Our review of The catcher in the rye

A very large expanse of sea

About islamophobia, racism, interacial relationships, hypocrisy, culture, bigotry
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To kill a mockingbird

About The Importance of Moral Education,The Existence of Social Inequality, Prejudice
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The hate u give

Talks about racism, police brutality, loss of a loved one
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Holding up the universe

Talks about prosopagnosia, fat shaming, body empowerment, bullying
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We are okay

How to deal with losing someone and at the same time finding out the truth
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The kite runner

About friendship, war, rape, being a refugee, starting over, suicide, betrayal, redemption, violence, fathers and children
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The perks of being a wallflower

Talks about trauma, abuse, mental health, Masculinity, Violence and healing
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The beekeeper of Aleppo

About being refugees, war and starting over
refugees, syria, and islamic art image Afghanistan, lives, and peace image

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Talks about being female in a world ruled by males, betrayal, lies and deceit, breaking the rules of society
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Hope you enoyed and maybe read some of them!