Inspired by

mermaids or angels?

angel, aesthetic, and flowers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

1900s or 2000s?

aesthetic, city, and new york image school, book, and inspiration image

smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

aesthetic, music, and vintage image classical, gold, and golden image

extrovert, ambivert, introvert?

quotes, alone, and introvert image introvert image

chocolate bars or lollipops?

chocolate, dessert, and sweet image chocolate, dessert, and food image
Chocolate bars

movies or books?

netflix, chill, and cozy image book, aesthetic, and vintage image

spring or fall?

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, fall, and leaves image

rain or sunshine?

Image by maddie ♡ beauty, curtains, and morning image

dancing or singing?

girl, art, and aesthetic image friends, beach, and sea image
Dancing because I'm good at it and bad at singing

tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

coffee image chcolate, coffe, and marshmallow image
Coffee and hot chocolate

favorite song?

decorations, fashion, and hipster image minimal, coffee, and photography image
I don't have

favorite scent?

family, garden, and home image Temporarily removed

when do you normally wake up?

Temporarily removed simpsons, bart, and the simpsons image
It depends, when I have to go to university I wake up at 6 am. In holidays I wake up at 12

favorite book?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I don't have but my favorite series of books is Harry Potter

have you ever cried over a lover?

princess, grunge, and sad image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

favorite subject?

geometry, mathematics, and maths image books, classics, and english image
Maths and English

least favorite subject?

art, biology, and dentist image art, biology, and desing image

took dance classes?

beach, dancing, and happiness image Temporarily removed

first idol in life?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Lady Gaga

what game were you best at gym class?

Image by Sony Domm beach, friends, and besties image

where do you go to study?

aesthetic, colorfull, and inspiration image books, coffee, and college image
In my house, I can't study in other place

greatest wish?

ambiance, computer, and engineering image art, artistic, and colorfull image
Be an computer engineer or an actress