This is what I was listening to July of 2020.

Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles
- makes me want to cry from joy
- a feel good tune to dance and have fun

Ashamed by Omar Apollo
- sick guitar
- prince vibes

Shawty by Remi Wolf
- feel good confidence fun time
- all around fun time

Hello Hello Hello by Remi Wolf
- entertaining lyrics
- easy fun listen
- hard to not dance a little

Chicken Tenders by Dominic Fike
- catchy tune and lyrics

Tryna Smoke by Jhené Aiko ft. Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg
- good sesh vibes
- nice beat

Disco Man by Remi Wolf
- fun chill-ish dance song

Little Donna by Benny Sings
- easy and cute
- makes me wanna hop around in a field

Listerine by Dayglow
- spring vibes
- definitely a song to listen to with friends and the wind in your hair

You + I by Young the Giant
- lonesome but exciting kinda vibe
- makes me feel things

Eternal Summer by The Stokes
- summer vibes obviously but like kinda sad end of summer, friends leaving for college vibes

Brother's Keeper by Young the Giant
- unexplainable feelings
- realizations

Falling In by Inhaler
- immaculate chorus feeling
- strong U2 vibes obviously and it's great

My Honest Face by Inhaler
- grows on you (my current favorite of theirs)
- feeelings
- pairs well with season one of Gilmore Girls

We Have To Move On by Inhaler
- my mom's favorite of theirs
- just a good song in general

Do You Love Me Still? by The Kooks
- the kind of song I sing while crying
- should be in the soundtrack to my life (according to my friend)

Ode To The Mets by The Stokes
- kinda offbeat but cool
- "Drums please, Fab"

Monsta by BENEE
- I love her voice
- telling a story with a nice chorus

orange by CLAY
- lyrics ohmg

Woo! by Remi Wolf
- makes me sad over something I'm over (supposedly)
- usually listen to when I'm cleaning

Politics & Violence by Dominic Fike
- the beat switch though
- nothing to dislike

Nomoah by Indigo De Souza
- two part song
- not what you'd expect I think
- high on a hill with a certain friend

Valentina by Serena Isioma
- fantasies about girls am I right

SUMMER AT 7 by Russ
- makes me sad about people I've never dated

Manta Rays by Chloe Moriondo
- the vibes of this song are unmatched
- inexplicable feeling

Guys by The 1975
- sad but full of love montage song

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
- whoever you think of when you hear this song, you got feelings
- a classic

Modern Loneliness by Lauv
- makes me sad about the future

Canada by Lauv ft. Alessia Cara
- also makes me sad about the future
- makes me wanna run away obviously

King of Everything by Dominic Fike
- favorite Dominic Fike song hands down
- no surprise, makes me cry

Motion Picture Soundtrack by Radiohead
- snowed in and looking out the window vibe

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