Hello everybody...! My name is Juliana and I`m from Argentina.
This is my first article. I`m writting in english now but maybe I`ll be writting in spanish, It depends.
Whatever, I hope you like...!

An element

bed, room, and white image pink, pastel, and nature image
Air or wind

A season

flowers, aesthetic, and nature image flowers, garden, and nature image
Sometimes I feel like Spring
autumn, cloud, and cottage image Temporarily removed
But sometimes I really feel like Autumn, you know

A bodypart

Image by iwasalilac_sky eyes, aesthetic, and eye image

A flower

chanel, cherry blossom, and fashion image almond blossom, nature, and photography image
A cherry blossom

A fruit

cherry, red, and fruit image Temporarily removed

A drink

Image by babyโ›ฒ drink, healthy, and water image
simple and crystalline water

A food

Temporarily removed avocado, vegan, and vegan food image
Pasta and salad, donยดt make me choose

A color

car, pink, and vintage image pink, architecture, and bratislava image pink, aesthetic, and sunglasses image Temporarily removed
Pink: in everything, everyway and everysize

A language

english, quote, and something to say image Image removed
So clichรฉ, but English

An activity

Image removed book, blue, and ocean image

A time of day

alice in wonderland, breakfast, and bunny image early, fml, and pretty image
Early morning

A scent

autumn, fall, and cozyautumn image window, green, and plants image
Wet grass on rainy days
Temporarily removed Image by Karlijn
Coffee and hot chocolate
vintage image Temporarily removed
Freshly baked cookies and bread

A book

book, vintage, and anne of green gables image Image removed
I canยดt choose again: The Anne of Green Gables` saga & Little women

An animal

horse, little, and cute image horse, white, and flowers image
A pretty short and funny pony

A school subject

blue, aesthetic, and paint image Temporarily removed

A decade

pink, aesthetic, and 90s image fashion, icon, and Jennifer Aniston image

A supernatural being

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
A fairy

A clothing item

pink, dress, and aesthetic image pastel, vintage, and dress image
A cute dress

A makeup item

beauty and makeup image Temporarily removed
A pink glossier, obviously

A planet

planet, space, and aesthetic image planet, purple, and space image
Saturn, a little away from Earth

That`s all pumpkins...!