hello again! today i have the goal to tell you five facts about myself, to be honest, i hate to do this things because i never know what to say that could be in any way interesting to you, but here we go.

i hope you like it!

🌻 day v: write five facts about yourself.

  • i’m latina
i think that maybe you know this by now, but i was born and raise in santiago, chile and i’m actually really proud of it. when i was younger i felted the complete opposite, you know, watching all this propaganda about how a woman should look and be, i just, felted that i was ugly and worthless until i grew up and understood that being and feeling beautiful does not come from the opinions of others, it starts with me.
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  • i'm a history student
this year i started my first year in college to follow history as a career. i’m really proud and excited about what the future might bring and, actually, i think i understand better my roots and my present because of it. i get to know my parents and their stories better as the same with my other relatives. it’s a lot of work but -quoting tom holland- ‘the most important thing, in anything you do is always trying your hardest, because even if you try your hardest and it’s not as good as you’d hoped, you still have that sense of not letting yourself down.’
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  • bookworm
i grew up with books like ‘the lord of the rings’ by j.r.r tolkien, ‘the chronicles of narnia’ by c.s lewis and ‘the hobbit’ by tolkien, again. later on, i got into my teenager years with ‘the maze runner’ by james dasher, ‘unraveling’ by elizabeth norris and ‘harry potter’ by j.k rowling. now, all of them are really important in my life but also, are like a time machine to me. i don’t know if this counts as a fact, but here it is.
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  • i'm addicted to music
i can do everything with music. i’m one of those people who listen to music while doing everything you can imagine, i mean: cooking, cleaning, studying, showering, reading, writing, painting, walking and more. all you can imagine i can do it with it. that’s the reason why i’m constantly finding new music and in every chance that i get the opportunity i try to go the concerts.
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  • my frustrated dream
when i was younger i wanted to do many things, dance, write and sing. and now, until this day, they keep haunting me in my dreams. i wish i could go back to dancing ballet, i wish i could overcome my fear to sing in public and i wish i could be good at writing poetry. luckily, i’m still writing -in my own way.
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thank you so much for reading!
i hope you liked it in a way, and can’t wait to post again!

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