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1/ Puffer jackets

elsa hosk, puffer jacket, and model image blue, groceries, and grocery shopping image cute clothes, fashion, and jackets image elsa hosk, fashion, and puffer jacket image

2/ Oversize tees

fashion, green, and mint image oversized t-shirt image fashion, outfit, and style image blue hat, streetwear, and mirror selfie image

3/ Merch hoodies

hooded, hoodes, and hoodie image anti social tshirt, antisocial, and etsy image pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, and band image drew, hoodies, and outfits image

4/ Pleated minis

Image removed Image removed skirt, fashion, and black image alternative, black, and checked image

5/ Leg warmers

alternative, cosplay, and etsy image aesthetic, girl, and nymphet image Image by Cris Figueiredo brown, knit, and fashion image

6/ Platform sneakers

aesthetic, fashion, and purple image 90, 90's, and tenis image sneakers, converse, and white image fashion, beauty, and style image

7/ Patches

1960s, denim, and groovy image aesthetic, nice, and yellow image Image by K Y L I E Image by claire <3

8/ Beanie

aesthetics, blondehair, and alternativegirl image aesthetic, beanie, and me image alternative, beanie, and fashion image beanie, beauty, and girl image

9/ A sick iPhone case

off white, streetwear, and fashion image accessories, style, and fashion image accessories, inspiration, and jewellery image custom, designer, and iphone case image

10/ Jewelry

nails image accessories, earring, and inspiration image Image by Private User accessories, gold, and jewelry image

11/ Chains

aesthetic, fashion, and moda image ass, glitter, and glow image clothes, outfit, and style image blue jeans, fashion, and light blue image

12/ Chokers

accessories, black, and necklace image accessories, chain, and charm image Image by Jehniffer Silva pearls, aesthetic, and choker image