I was bored, and I saw this, and it was perfect, so here we go!

Inspired by:

1. sweet or sour?

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2. lemonade or orange juice?

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It used to be orange juice, but I can't have it anymore, so lemonade.

3. what's your dream job and why?

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My dream job is to be an actress. I love acting so much! I also think screenwriting or directing would be cool, and I could pull it off maybe?

4. which animal would you be if you could?

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I would be a little dog.

5. which year would you travel if you could timetravel?

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The Victorian Era, so somewhere between 1837-1901.

6. top 3 places you wanna visit?

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England, Greece, Venice

7. what's the last movie you seen?

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Waiting for Anya

8. what would you name your kids?

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2 girl names: London and Paris. 2 boy names: Dublin and Cairo

9. how many kids do you want?

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2. Preferably girls (not because I'm sexist, but because I have one sister and we get along really well)

10. what languages do you want to know?

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I want to know French and Dutch

11. do you think your native language is hard?

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My mom said English isn't very easy to learn, which isn't super surprising because of all the weird grammar.

12. do you have a secret talent?

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Most people know I can sing, but they've never heard me actually sing. Is that a secret talent?

13. what zodiac sign would you like to be?

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I don't think zodiac really does anything, so I'll stick with being a Cancer.

14. would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?

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A fairy. They can do lots more magic.

15. snakes or lizards?

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Lizards. Especially bearded dragons because they're adorable!

16. do you have posters in your room?

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I have a Hamilton "poster". (I cut it off a calender)

17. do you have a best friend?

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I have one best friend

18. are you single or taken?

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I am single and not really looking to mingle :D

19. do you like to study?

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Not really, no.

20. how are you feeling right now?

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Sick and tired (Not as in annoyed, just I feel sick and I feel tired)