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Name: Lilla Lakatos
Meaning: Devotion and Purity.
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace and Residence: Budapest, Hungary


chanel, hair, and fashion image girl, blonde, and aesthetic image makeup, beauty, and eye image lips, makeup, and lipstick image
Purple-blue eyes, long blonde hair that is usually in a braid, soft pink lips, and peachy skin


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patient, hopeless romantic, giving, kind, day dreamer


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special events


castle, flowers, and beautiful image luxury, house, and stairs image Image removed Copyrighted image
elegant interior, beautiful gardens, chandeliers


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Love Interest

boys, icons, and cute image crown image Image by ADamiana holding hands, Relationship, and vintage image
Prince Julien Sereda; caring, romantic, adventurous, thoughtful

Best Friends

Image removed blue, dress, and princess image
Princess Emilie Olsen of Norway
africa, arabs, and arabian girl image bride, indian, and red image
Princess Mishka Shah of India
Image by K Y L I E Couture, gorgeous, and luxury image
Princess Danielle Williams of Ghana


aesthetic, beautiful, and love image Image removed book, aesthetic, and shell image aesthetic, dog, and flowers image
horse back riding, going to the ballet, reading, and playing with her dog, Blitz


Image by Gionna candles, chandelier, and glitter image
Princess Lilla lives her life with her best friends at her side. She meets Prince Juilien at her coronation ball. They fall in love and eventually get married. The story follows their relationship and ends with their wedding.