I am proud of you

Recognition not only motivates us to keep working hard, but also helps us build a higher self-esteem. Sometimes hearing "I am proud of you" can change our attitude, mood, and vibes by itself. We might know that we are doing our best, but when someone else points it out, it really makes us feel better.

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You are a wonderful person.

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves that we forget who we are. We forget our escence, our personality, what we used to like, hobbies, etc. Sometimes we even forget that we are unique, amazing and wonderful human beings in our own ways.

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I love you.

Before loving someone else we need to learn to love ourselves. We're super clear on that, right? But when our family members, friends, significant others, or any person we expect to love us tells us that, our heart starts beating faster, and we immediately feel out of this planet.

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You can do this/ you got this

Believe in your potential, in your skills, your capacity, your dreams and your strength. Believe in who you are.

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You're not alone.

It's okay if you can't find the answer. It's okay if you don't see where the exit is. It's okay if you need help and guidance. Everyone needs it at some point in life. So just know that you are not alone. You know you count on these friends, on your family members, your professors, academic advisors, etc. You are not alone. There's always someone, and you are aware of it.

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You got the job/ you approved the class.

You did it!

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You are beautiful, strong, smart, capable, wonderful, kind, you are more than enough. Know your worth!

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You will do it

You can do it! Believe in your dreams and plans and work hard for them! You will accomplish them. You will reach out all your goals. Don't worry, good things take time, and slow progress is still progress!

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I believe in you

We have to Believe in ourselves, of course. But when someone else gives us a little more confidence, we start to believe in ourselves even more. We gain confidence and will to work harder.

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Good vibes

Only good vibes should be allowed in your life. We don't need negativity, pessimistic comments or extra concerns and fears. You got this, you can do it, accept only good vibes in your environment!

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Thank you for your support! I hope you like it ❤️ stay safe, I'm sending y'all my good vibes!