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So for my second article, I want to do something unique to me. So I have been thinking I like to write a lot as of late. I have a short snippet of a Supernatural fanfiction I have yet to post anywhere so I thought why not let all you guys read it. Do keep in mind it is only a small snippet and Supernatural is rated a 15 in the UK where I live so there will be mentions of drinking and flirting as there is a lot of that in the actual show. Also, there will be mentions of two of my OCs I will make a post on, on my personal page in time. If you think that could be something you could be into please read on. So with that being said let’s just get on into the article.


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Daniella was sat cross-legged in a circle that consisted of her sister Isabella, Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Crowley and Gabriel on the carpeted area of the library in the bunker. The furniture had been pushed on the wall opposite the door to make room for everyone. The carpet was beginning to itch Dani’s legs so she stood up, toppling slightly and placed the drink she currently had in front of the brown-haired male next to her. He turned to her, glanced up and looked into her eyes that looked like pools of the deepest colour of chocolate. “Dani where are you going?” He questioned.

He didn’t want her to leave, he never did. This time though he really didn’t want her to go. “Please tell me you’re not going to bed so soon.”

She looked over to him and shook her head. “No, not yet I have an idea of what we can do in a minute though.” She then pointed over to the basket by the door. “I’m just getting a blanket out the carpet was itching my legs darlin’.” She walked over to the basket as steady as she could, swaying her hips more than normal therefore drawing all the guys attention and stood before the basket.

She bent over, her shorts riding a little further up she could have sworn everyone could see where her butt and legs connected, pulling the top off with more force than was necessary and grabbing two of the blankets in there placing them on the table. She also grabbed a pillow and then placed the lid back on. She reached for the two blankets and walked back to her spot. When she got there she lay one of the warm pieces of fabric on the floor before throwing the pillow on it and sitting back down and placing the second piece of fabric over her shoulders. She then leaned forward and grabbed her drink of choice, vodka and lemonade, she was close to finishing the glass and had no more of the mixer so she will be on straight vodka soon.

Everyone was holding a glass of their alcohol of choice. Dani looked around the circle, everyone was various degrees of drunk. Dean and Crowley were obviously the most sober, Sam and Izzy were giggling to themselves about nothing, Cas had become a little bolder and even loosened his tie and finally, Gabriel was sipping his Baileys with contentment on his face. Dani herself had not only gotten more truthful and bolder but more flirtatious too. The evening wasn’t planned to be like this, it had originally started off as a serious meeting but when that came to an end Crowley and Gabriel didn’t want to leave so soon so the brothers agreed, because of Dani and Izzy asking them so nicely (telling them otherwise), to let them stay for a while. The night consisted of telling stories of the lives they have lived but now they were running out of them and fast.

“I know how about we play a drinking game.” Dani pipes up. Everyone in the circle stops what they were doing and looks at her. “What? Why don’t we play never have I ever. It is a super simple drinking game.” Cas’ brows furrowed slightly in confusion, Dani sees this and continues. “For those of you that don’t know how to play it someone says something that they have never done but if you have then you take a drink.” Castiel visibly relaxes, Dani continues. “And to make it better those who drink can tell the story behind it if you like. If you don’t want to drink however then you have to remove an article of clothing to make it fair. If no one drinks to your statement then you have to.” Everyone in the circle looks at one another and then shrugged then nodded. “Okay, so I’ll start because I suggested it and then we can go clockwise.” She took a minute to think of something. “Okay, I got one. Never have I ever used a cheesy pick-up line and it has worked.” Dean, Crowley, Sam and Isabella drank. Dani looked at her sister with a raised eyebrow the others didn’t surprise her in the slightest.

“It was on the hunt in Mystic Falls. I was flirting with the blonde busboy at the grill. I forgot his name.” She very simply said. “I needed fun and he was right there how could I refuse.”
Dani nodded. “Ahhh I remember him. He was cute but his friend was hotter.” Dani placed a hand on Dean’s arm. “Since you’re to my right it’s your turn to say something. Try not to make it too sexual because I actually want to have quite a few rounds.”

He took a sip from the bottle of his beer as he thought. Dani can’t help but glancing at his throat when he swallows and then turns away with a light blush coating her cheeks, feeling hot all of a sudden she takes the blanket that was over her off. “Okay, I have one. Never have I ever had a recurring friend with benefits for longer than a few months.” Both Dani and Crowley drank their eyes roaming the room but once their eyes caught each other they couldn’t look away. Dani hoped no one would notice while trying to block her thoughts from Gabriel and Cas.
“You hope no one would notice what exactly Daniella?” Cas spoke up.
“It’s nothing Cas, you don't need to worry.” She leaned forward and looked over to Isabella and Sam who were looking at each other with a pondering look, trying to figure out what was meant.

“OH MY….!” Izzy exclaimed before Sam could even figure out what was going on. “You and…” Dani practically dove over Dean, Gabriel and Crowley to slam her hand over her sister's mouth so she didn’t give it away. Dean wasn’t paying much attention; he was just staring at Dani’s ass. Crowley then started to chuckle and that was all it took for Sam to click on. Not long after Dean clicked on. Dani could have sworn when her eyes glanced over his face she saw a flash of hurt draw over his face before he was back to his normal poker face again. She then went to sit back in her original position as most of the group knew her little secret and finished off her drink.

Dean took this time to move himself closer and lean over, his breath tickling her neck for a few seconds. Dani took a gulp of air, holding a slight moan before he finally whispered into her ear. “Why did you f*ck him and not me, you could have had me anything you wanted. Hell, you still can.” This surprised the female. She and he had never been more than flirty friends or so she thought, even if she had thought of him in more ways, more than once. She didn’t let that show on her face though. He let his breath tickle her neck again for a few seconds before moving back. Now it was Dani’s turn to be a tease. She leant over Dean’s lap to grab the bottle of vodka, her chest brushing against his legs. She took the bottle and on the way back lightly bit his earlobe.

“I never thought you would have wanted me like that. Don’t forget I’ve seen the girls you have left bars with and I am nothing like them.” Sitting in her original position she decided to change up the game slightly.

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