Here are some great ideas of what photos to like and post so you can...

1. Get more followers
2.get more likes
3. Have your I heart it account look good

TIP 1: have a theme ( or sort themes by collections)

Ok. So I don’t have that many followers but I see content that people have and follow/ don’t follow them based on what I see. If there page looks disorganized I just skip it because I think having a messy account just means they don’t really try and don’t really like We heart it.

Some easy ways to fix this are...

1. Sort all your likes/posts based on category or theme ( category’s include food, travel, animals etc. and themes include more like a specific color,feeling etc. like a whole account based on pink,yellow,calmness,beaut, etc.

2. Have your profile pic and your cover match
( I always see accounts that have a dog profile pic but them a coffe mug cover. Those two topics don’t even match and don’t even look that good together so I suggest making sure they at least go together for a more pleasing flow.

TIP 2: post the right amount

I’ve seen people post five hundred times a day or even just once a month. If you post/like at least two things a day that’s great for staying active. I’m not saying you have to post every day but just enough so people don’t forget about you.

TIP 3 ( final tip): tag images

People are neve gonna find your post if you don’t tag it but you have to make sure that your tags match the photo. ( If I’m searching for a photo of dogs I don’t want to see a picture of noodles)

That’s all the tips I have ( right now). Now please note that the changer won’t happen suddenly and might take time but If your committed you can do it. Happy hearting and of course good luck.😉