You can do it!

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One day you will wake up at your own apartment in the center of New York or in small cozy house in Florence and understand that you could do. All the difficulties that you met on the way have been overcome. You overcame your fears. You were out of your comfort zone. You took risks.
You have met so many good people who are now your best friends. Of course, there were some traitors and toxic people. But it doesn't matter, because in the end you are left with the most loyal and slightly abnormal (in a good way) people who can easily cheer you up :) Friends from school are no longer friends... they are your family. You were so afraid loosing touch with them after graduation, because you do not only enter to different universities, but study in different countries. Nevertheless you were able to overcome kilometres and maintain the friendship 💛 and even more you became sisters)

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Admission to the university, finding a job may not have been easy task, but look at where you are now! It's incredible. You have come such a long way. Once you were so lost that you didn't even know what to do in the future, who to work, who to be... what to do...
It was not easy, but now you are doing your favourite thing and making considerable progress.

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But what about your other half? Soulmate?
Of course he is with you. To be honest, the first meeting wasn't the most successful, but for that there is something to laugh about. Your heart was broken once. so broken that you believed in nonsense that no one else will love you and you will not find that "the only one" and you will not have that fairy tale as in books and films. But now? Your story is much more romantic and full of love so much that now you an hardly find something similar in novels. He is not perfect. Perhaps not the same as you imagined in your dreams. He is better believe me, just full of surprises....

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Most importantly, you are in love...
Remember you wanted to do pair tattoo? So you did... and more than one. They are so incomprehensible at first glance, but they have a big hidden meaning that is understandable only to you.

So you finished drinking your tea.Remembering all those moments of life, you heard that your friend barked and came running to you waving his tail. He is your little happiness who was all these moments with you supporting, listening and comforting you. Yes it's all a dog. Perhaps from the outside it looks ridiculous as you all in tears lay out your whole soul to the dog, but you feel like he is not just looking at you, but also understanding, although he cannot say it.

Thinking about it, sometimes I want to force myself to take off rose-colored glasses and tell that it is not going to be real! These are tales! BUT NO. Life is not created for suffering,no. It was created for positive emotions. And it's up to you to decide: work hard and enjoy your life or cry and constantly give up. Therefore, just believe that this is your future and strive for it. So that when you take off those glasses you cannot find any differences between reality and the view through rose-colored glasses... cause you will get what you want. I believe.

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