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Since I love to write I was doing some research for worldbuilding a world with magicians, so I catalogued some kinds of magic and their features.

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  • Speak to the dead ones;
  • See the memories of deads;
  • Resuscitate the deads.
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  • Create barriers and magic circles;
  • Enchant objects for protection;
  • Undo powerful enchants;
  • Create protect places.
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↪ Bella Swan from Twilight
↪ Hermione Granger from HP and the Deathly Hollows

  • Manipulate shadows and light;
  • Hide objects or people in shadows;
  • Enlighten (places or even souls);
  • Create weapons of light/shadow
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↪ Lucas Delos from Starcrossed
↪ Azriel from ACOTAR

  • Slow down or speed up;
  • Stop time for seconds or even days;
  • Create a new or multiple timelines;
  • Renew objects.
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↪ Hermione in HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban,
↪ Dark (tv show),
↪ The Ruby Red Trilogy

  • Manipulate the one/two/three/four elements (fire, air, water, earth);
  • Absorve power through elements;
  • Turn your body into an element;
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↪ Avatar The Last Airbender
↪ Elsa from Frozen
↪ Benjamin from Twilight

  • Telekinesis: move objects with your mind;
  • Telepathy: read in other's people minds;
  • Communicate with telepathy;
  • Create fake memories or ideas.
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↪ Eleven from Stranger Things
↪ Edward Cullen from Twilight
↪ Matilda Wormwood from Matilda (1997 movie)
↪ Scarlet Witch from the MCU
↪ Jedis from Star Wars
↪ Professor X from X Men

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  • Create energy (electricity, heat, light)
  • Create objects;
  • Create creatures.
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  • Mend wounds;
  • Fix bones;
  • Cure magic diseases with potions or herbs;
  • Cure curses, madness, poison;
  • Cure yourself.
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a cool idea is maybe to be able to cure other people but not yourself, or vice versa


↪ Katara from The Last Airbender
↪ The werewolves from Teen Wolf
↪ Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson & The Olympians

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