Hello lovers!
Hope that you're doing well today.
There is a lot of stress in our daily lives, our routines.
Work can be hell, college is very stressful, raising children can be stressful.
There are a lot of things that can help you de-stress.
Having a spa day, going on a romantic date, sending some quality time with you're family.
For me the best de-stresser is music.
It's the same with inspiration.
Whenever my motivation leaves me and I don't feel like studying for an exam, going to a family gathering or finishing up my work.
That feeling of dancing in your room, pretending to be a pop/rock star while listening to your favorite song is extremely de-stressing and inspiring to me.
Let's list some of my favorite down, fall we?

1. Zac Efron and Zendaya- Rewrite the stars

blm and black lives matter image girl, black and white, and summer image Temporarily removed pic image

2. Bebe Rexha- Last hurrah

black and white, girl, and fashion image black and white and photography image legs image city, light, and night image

3. Faouzia- Tears of gold

beauty, gold, and tears image black and white, art, and black image Temporarily removed black, contemporary, and dance image

4. Swedish House Mafia- Save the world

curls, curly hair, and hair image aesthetic, architecture, and feed image drop, happy, and nikon image Hot, mist, and running image

5. Ed Sheeran- Put it all on me

yome image love, couple, and car image beauty, dress, and view image boy, model, and black and white image

6. Taylor Swift- The man

cat, cigarette, and dark image fashion image black and white, newspaper, and vintage image 1930s, 1950s, and 50s image

7. Rihanna- This is what you came for

beauty image art, black, and black and white image dior, fashion, and dress image art, beauty, and black and white image

8. Daughter- Medicine

Image by infullbloom art, mountain, and face image sea, boat, and black and white image girl, black and white, and black image

9. Passanger- Let her go

black and white, hands, and love image black and white, couple, and hug image black and white, girl, and aesthetic image hair, black and white, and tumblr image

As always thank you so so much for reading my article, all the love xoxo Eli