day five: write a lesson learned today


i seriously can't tell you enough how important is to nourish your body, being able to be alive is a miracle we often take for granted as well our health. in my lifetime i wasted so many years eating junk food and being stressed 24/7, sleeping late- thinking it was a lifestyle that made me happy??? but switching some parts of my routine and developing habits have change my life for the best. of course i'm not this fit person all the time i have my snacks, rest of the gym and sleep late from time to time (like yesterday, so guess what? today i'm tired af, that's why i was inspired to do this entry) but i feel 10000000 times better when i stick to my healthy daily routine.

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i'm very passionate towards this topic, and i want ya'll to live your best life STARTING NOW, so here are some useful tips that i've learn through the years and now proudly i can say, they are daily habits i've develop. take a look and try them pls<3

  • eat good, feel good on the inside

eating junk food (or processed ones) each day weakens your body and honestly if you read the labels of chips, nutella, candies or any type of snack you'll be scared of how much ingredients you don't even recognize... so bow do we expect our bodies know how to react and digest them? but most importantly our body doesn't need them. whenever i eat veggies, fruits, seeds i feel with energy, some weird inner peace and lighter during the day (also i'm in a better mood!)

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  • drinking water & tea

you already know you MUST be drinking water, i used to struggle a lot with it and now i can't put down my water bottle (also buy one, no plastic in this household). being hydrated helps your skin, body and brain, omg my brain cells peak whenever i'm drinking water. i added the tea considering that some of you may not like the taste of plain water and i find the tea a suitable option or add fresh fruit to your iced water.

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  • working out

literally everyday i wake up looking forward to do my workouts, but i understand it is quite hard to develop this habit, but guess what? you can do some morning stretch in 10 minutes from your bed (Search it on yt either emi wong or blogilates channel), go for a walk (you can watch the landscape or even meet new people!), also yoga is a great option because it connects your mind and body. start slow with 15 minutes or less. my favorite workouts are: pilates, spinning, cardio, hiit, weight lifting and my top: boxing. there's so many options try it you won't regret it! decreases the anxiety levels, you clear up your mind, gives you a routine and keeps that body moving and healthy.

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  • going to sleep early & waking up early

i used to be a night owl (and loved pulling all-nighters) but ever since i started to sleep early i'm much more productive during the day, i wake up in a good mood (my roomates thank me because of it). i'm not tired and i have a clearer state of my activities during the day, the reason? i know i have to go to sleep at 9:30pm so i wake up early and start my to-do list so around 8pm i'm all clear and can start my night routine for a peaceful sleep.

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phew it was a long one, hope u like it and give your body the respect, love and health it deserves.