Essentially I wanted to share some of the tips before getting a tattoo. I am not professional, I have only got one tattoo, but before I did, I was making sure I am heading in the right way.

1. Think twice before getting a tattoo

This step is the most important of them all. You should not follow the newest trends or do it because everyone else is doing it. Getting a tattoo should be only your choice. If you are not sure about getting one, try henna tattoo first.

2. Think carefully about the place where you want to get a tattoo

Wisely think about the place you want to get tattooed. First of all, when you are older, in some areas, the tattoo is not looking pleasing.
Before you are getting a tattoo, think about the workplace where you will be working, will they allow you to have a tattoo, or is it in the place that is simple to hide.

3. Forget about going in the sun before getting a tattoo

Now in the summertime, we love spending hours in the sun and getting a tan. But be careful, the skin should not be burned or dry before getting a tattoo.

4. Choose the best tattoo artist

This is an important part. We all know tattoos are not cheap, it is better to pay more for quality than spending less money and getting serious skin problems. Every tattoo artist has their style, check their work before you are making an appointment.

5. Explain your idea to the tattoo artist

On the message you are sending to the artist mention, what would be the size of the tattoo, is it gonna be colourful or just black and white, if you have some pictures of how you imagined your tattoo send the artist a picture as well.

6. Be aware of how you feel the day you are getting a tattoo

If you are not feeling okay, call tattoo artist and reschedule an appointment.
We are very different, and people's reactions to things can be very different. Some don’t feel anything and some people feel sick after it.
Forget about doing anything the day you got your tattoo because you need to have some rest.

7. Be sure you don’t have any allergies, and if you do tell that to the tattoo artist

This already explains everything, if there are some problems tell your tattoo artist first.

8. Wear something cozy and easy to undress
(depends on the place you want to get a tattoo)

9. Aftercare is very important

Getting a tattoo is one thing but taking care of it is the hardest part. The most annoying and painful could be the first 2 weeks up until a month. A tattoo is an open wound so it demands you need to treat tattoo with an antibacterial cream or coconut oil (every tattoo artist has their advice on how to make sure tattoo heals as soon as possible).

Hopefully this was helpful :)