I am lost for words
Ever since you’ve been gone.
All these letters swirling in my mind
Refuse to form a sentence,
Too afraid to say something wrong.
You calmed the chaos in my mind,
You sorted the words into the right order.

Now, without your soothing voice and soft touches,
I’m lost inside the hurricane that rages throughout my soul.
I don’t know how to tame these feelings,
Now, all that’s left is fear of infinite confusion.

My body is shaking with the pain of losing you,
My heart is in agony because of this unrequited love
All I need is one chance to prove you I can be what you desire,
One try to show you who I really am.
If you still don’t want me after that, I will let you go.
But until then, I will keep mourning for your love.
I will keep writing until the confusion in my mind settles down,
Or kills me for good.

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