Hello everyone!♥
Again, I'm here with an album rating, where I share my opinion on a music album with you. Our third client is Get Weird from Little Mix, my all time favorite girl group. (I promise, there will be others, but I'll do all of their albums first.)

!I'm going to write my honest opinion and rating on every song!

Get Weird is my absolute favorite album from the girls, and I can't really pick one song that I personally don't like or don't like to listen to. It has at least one song for all my moods, and it was really hard to make a sequence, but I finally did, so enjoy.♥

~ all the Get Weird songs listed
~ a picture for every song
~ rating and my honest opinion on every song

Let's start!

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16. I Love You ~ 5/10 ~ Like I said before, I can't really choose one song from this album, that I don't like, but I Love You is just not my type of music, that's why it's in the last place. On the other hand, I Love You is a masterpiece vocally. It shows how insane vocals and voices the girls have.
little mix image
15. Clued Up ~ 6,5/10 ~ Clued Up is an amazing song about being finally happy with ourselves, and our lives. I honestly love the chill vibes it gives me all the time and it makes me think about a beautiful small city full of flowers and nice people.
Image by arzu
14. I Won't ~ 6,5/10 ~ I Won't is that one song that I listened to everytime I felt bad and needed something to cheer me up, and it always worked. Anyways, my favorite thing in this song is the bridge and the following parts, especially the bridge, because when I listen to it, I'm always amazed by it, even though I knew that before.
Image by arzu
13. OMG ~ 7/10 ~ Actually, I don't even know what to say. OMG is tipically that one song that I wouldn't listen to, but it's so catchy and fun, that sometimes I just can't get it out of my head.
little mix image
12. A.D.I.D.A.S ~ 7,5/10 ~ I associate this song with OMG, it gives me the same vibes, and I really like that to be honest, even if these songs are a bit sexual, because there's nothing wrong with it. A.D.I.D.A.S also gets stuck in my head sometimes.
little mix, black magic, and jesy nelson image
11. Black Magic ~ 7,5/10 ~ I think I can tell, Black Magic is not my favorite single from the girls, but I live for those vocals, and the bridge singed by our talented Leigh-Anne.♥ Also Jade's red outfit is everything for me.
little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image
10. Weird People ~ 8/10 ~ Obviously when I'm not in the perfect mood for this song, I wouldn't listen to it, but when I catch that vibe, I hear Weird People and dance like a tornado in my room.
Image by arzu
9. The Beginning ~ 8/10 ~ One word: Acapella. And I think I explained everything. Okay, I'm just kidding, but I can't dislike a Little Mix acapella song. It's literally perfect the way it is and also I wake up to this every day when I have to wake up earlier.
Image by tucano
8. Love Me Like You ~ 8/10 ~ Still not the best single, but I truly love this catchy, and amazing song, I can listen to it everytime.
Image by Stacey Cann
7. The End ~ 9/10 ~ My all time favorite acapella song from the girls. The vocals, the lyrics, the harmonies, the whole song...The End is just everything for me.
Beautiful Girls, concert, and dance image
6. Grown ~ 9/10 ~ Grown is that one song on Get Weird, that makes me dance and sing my heart out even if I'm in a bad mood. Especially the live performance version, it makes me so happy, and I have that whole coreography in my head.
little mix, perrie edwards, and jesy nelson image
5. Hair ~ 9,5/10 ~ The message of this song really caught me, and everytime one of my friend is going through a breakup or a heartbreak, or someone fooled them, I just play this song for them. Anyways, I truly love this song, I can't help myself when Hair comes, I can't stop dancing,
Beautiful Girls, icon, and performance image
4. Lightning ~ 10/10 ~ Lightning is nothing but perfect for me. The whole song, and even the live verson.
beautiful, clip, and eyebrows image
3. Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo ~ 10/10 ~ Okay the music video could have been better, but who cares about that. This is one of the strongest song of the girls, and I live for their vocals, especiall Jesy's and Leigh's. Also, can we talk about how good Jason Derulo is?
little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image
2. Secret Love Song Pt. 2 ~ 10*/10 ~ SLS Pt.2 is one of the best things in the music industry. The message, they spreading with this and the whole thing is the best I can think about. Some people say it's overplayed, but I don't really think it is. You can't hear this song enough even if you listened to it too many times.
little mix, perrie edwards, and jesy nelson image
1. Love Me Or Leave Me ~ 10*/10 ~ This song is just the best ballad I've ever heard in my life. All the vocals, and every line in this one sounds heavenly. I can't say anything I dislike about this song. This is a masterpiece.

I hope you enjoyed my article. ♥ Have a nice day!♥