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Because I made a tsc tag i wanted to do a pj tag aswell. I didn't find any percy jackson on the entirely whi so i'm going to use the questions from the shadowhunters tag. I'm sorry if there's another pj tag and i couldn't find it. If someone finds it, please tell me and I'll credit it.

SPOILERS from PJ and the Olympians, The Heroes of the Olympus & The Trials Of Apollo.

Hope you like it!

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favourite female character

hazel levesque image Image by MZ
hazel levesque

favourite male character

percy jackson, leo valdez, and festus image leo valdez, wall-e, and percy jackson image
leo valdez

least favourite female character

hera, mythology, and greek image angel, art, and artist image

least favourite male character

Reyna, pj, and jason grace image octavian, percy jackson, and viria image

favourite couples

Inspiring Image on We Heart It solangelo, nico di angelo, and will solace image
percabeth, solangelo

favourite friendship

book, jason, and percyjackson image percy jackson, nico di angelo, and annabeth chase image
jason & nico, the seven (with Nico & Reyna)

character I start by hating and then ended loving

LUke, percy jackson, and luke castellan image percy jackson, thalia grace, and annabeth chase image
luke castellan

favourite saga

books, percy jackson, and the lost hero image percy jackson, heroes of olympus, and trials of apollo image
heroes of the olympus

first book I read

books and percy jackson image book, percy jackson, and rick riordan image
pj and the lightning thief

last book I read

book, bookworm, and greek mythology image apollo image
the trials of apollo : the dark prophecy

how did I get into the universe?

books, nails, and rick riordan image beautiful, books, and bookshelf image
my grandma bought me the red pyramid book and a lot of years later I discovered all the others Ricks' books.

favourite scene

percabeth, percy jackson, and annabeth chase image percy jackson, rick riordan, and annabeth chase image
when percy gaves up inmortality for annabeth

if you could chose your divine parent who whould be?

gold, aesthetic, and art image Image removed
apollo, atenea or zeus

favourite book?

book, coffe, and percy jackson image bob, percy jackson, and annabeth chase image
the house of hades

least favourite book

book, percy jackson, and rick riordan image percy jackson, pjo, and titan curse image
the titan's curse

a scene that made me cry

percy jackson, nico di angelo, and nico image greek, roman, and pjo image
nico's confession

a character you want to be alive

art, hoo, and pjo image percy jackson, thalia grace, and jason grace image
jason grace (i accidentally made myself the spoiler, so that's why I know it)

did you watch the movies?

poseidon, ocean, and aesthetic image nature image
yes, I did. Unpopular opinion, but if you forget about the books they are not bad movies. Let me explain; for a movie they'are good but for an adaptation from a book they're awful.

favourite villian

books, fun, and funny image aesthetic, vintage, and book image


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