Hi! I saw this tag another day, and I don't know but I wanted do it too, so we are going ✨

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Favorite Female Character

chain of gold and lucie herondale image tlh and lucie herondale image
Lucie Herondale

Favorite Male Character

tid, jem carstairs, and james carstairs image jem carstairs image
Jem Carstairs

Least Favorite Female Character

Image by valentina tid, the infernal devices, and tatiana blackthorn image
Tatiana Blackthorn

Least Favorite Male Character

nate gray image cassandra clare, clockwork princess, and the infernal devices image
Nate Gray

Favorite Couples

the infernal devices image tsc, chain of gold, and tlh image Image by valentina Image by valentina
Herongraystairs, Jesse and Lucie, Emma and Julian, Malec

Character I Start By Hating And Then Ended Up Loving

Image by valentina Image by Sandy
Raphael Santiago

Favorite Specie

dark, magia, and obscuro image witch, magic, and crystal image

Favorite Saga

book, reading, and cassandra clare image banners, headers, and layouts image
The Infernal Devices

Favorite Quote

One must always be careful of books, and what's inside of them. For words have the power to change us.
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

If You Has Any Shadowhunters Last Name, What Would It Be?

carstairs image jem carstairs, carstairs, and emma carstairs image

Favorite Overall Book

books, fantasy, and fiction image book and princess image
Clockwork Princess

Favorite Friendship

heronstairs image tlh, lucie herondale, and the last hours image
Heronstairs, Cordelia and Lucie

A Character I Want To Be Alive

jessamine lovelace, the infernal devices, and shadowhunters image jessamine lovelace image
Jessamine Lovelace

Favorite Villain

Image by valentina Image by valentina
Sebastian Morgenstern

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