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- You could stand on a stepladder,- I said.
- Why? I have you-a human stepladder.

If you fall for a high one, you can't go back to a low one.

- Are you all right there, Peyton?
- Yeah? - it sounded like a question.
- You look as if you are very hungry and ready to attack your prey. Should I start to worry?

A sister is dearly than a man

I always find that when you really think about a problem, it definitely helps you find a solution. My father always says: "If you didn't succeed the first time, try again and again"

Sometimes, as Chloe likes to say, the only way out is forward.

When you are completely independent, nothing can hurt you so deeply.

You would care a lot less about what other people think of you if you knew how rarely they do.

I've heard somewhere that our feet don't have a gender.

I realized that getting close to someone means trusting them enough to open up. And I was afraid.

I always thought my parody of a family was terrible, but maybe no family was perfect.

...They did something to me, those smiles. They opened my heart and filled me with sunshine, bright colors and warmth.

- Hmm, so you like crazy-strong, even a little frightening love?
- Is there another one?

People are not interested in real history, especially if it is boring and inconvenient. They want dirt, not truth.

If there is no hope, there is no disappointment.

...Why do you have to miss your high school prom just because you don't have a date around? You don't need a guy to complement you.

Perhaps this is the problem with grief. It's not about suddenly overcoming it one day and feeling better, going back to your old feelings. It's about learning to live with it, to suffer it, even if it's hard to outgrow it and become something more, until one day our life and our love will become more than our pain and emptiness.

It doesn't matter who you're dating, what you look like. Only thing that matters is how you feel.

P.S. I finally read it from the start to the end. I was distracting by tv shows, movies, music, Youtube and tick tock (I downloaded it during carantine cause I was boring and I like watch, not shooting video in this app).