Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer days as much as you can during these tough times.

I saw an interesting article and decided to try out these questions - as soon as I saw "uncomfortable" I knew it was the right kind of article for me.

1. Who do you love more? Mom or Dad?

This question is as old as time, I believe. I do love them both equally but I guess it's a different kind of love. My mom is the one I'm closest with, basically my best friend. I feel bad answering 'cause I love them both so much.

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2. If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?

I'm gonna be honest with you here, yes, I would. The truth is, I live in a country under dictatorship, and we've been oppressed, beaten by police, bombed and at war, living in poverty, many people lost their jobs, homes, loved ones... and that's what's going on for the last 30 years at least. So yes, I would if I could save my people from that. I know it's not the right solution, but it would solve a few problems. Otherwise, no, I'm not that type of person, I do believe in karma sorting it out.

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3. Are you a bad person?

I think it depends on who you ask. I'm not the one to talk because I've probably hurt people without even knowing. All I can say is I try not to be. I try to live my life the best way I can, to be a good person even when I'm the one getting hurt. Maybe I am a bad person sometimes, but not on purpose and I'm not evil. Maybe we're all morally in the grey area, I don't know.

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Ouch, that's a good but complicated question. I would, I wish I was less traumatized, I wish I could trust people more easily instead of being so cautious and never trusting people. And I would change my teeth, but that's fixable.

5. Would you get married to somebody of the same gender?

Well, no, I have to say I'm not romantically nor sexually attracted to people of the same sex or gender as me, so I probably wouldn't get into a situation like that. And I don't think I could make the other person satisfied and happy, so that wouldn't be fair to that person. But if I was attracted, yes.

6. Would you die for someone you love?

Yes, no doubt.

7. Would you have sex with somebody of the same gender?

For the reasons I explained above (question 5), no, I don't think so.

8. What do you identify as?

I'm female.

9. What colour is better - black or white?

Neither. They're both just colours to me, tho I prefer wearing black.

10. Death by water or fire?

Water. There's something poetic in that...Not saying I glorify it, but it is poetic in some dark, mysterious kinda way.

11.What do you think of yourself?

I never was a type to think highly of myself, in fact I've always struggled with acceptance. Now, I see myself as a successful young woman, trying her best, a good daughter and sister, an empath, a reliable friend, honest, kind, pragmatic and altruistic. I can be dramatic, shy and very introverted so I push people away from me. I can be egoistic sometimes. I'm bad at showing emotions so I think people don't really know how much I care and that sucks.

12. Have you ever been addicted to something?

Coffee. Still am.

13. Have you ever gotten drunk?

Oh, hell yes. I have been a few times (5 or 6 times) in high school and early years in university. Now and then I drink with friends, but usually don't like getting drunk, it's too much of a nuisance, I don't like the feeling.

14. Have you ever done drugs?


15. Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?

Yes. I was anorexic and I had body dysmorphia in high school. I was a very insecure girl back then, but now that I look at my photos, I realize I never actually had a problem, I was looking just fine and I didn't appreciate my body enough. I wish I did. Now I work on educating young people and promoting mental health as a pharmacist, so I use my experience to help others.

16. Is it easier to forgive or forget?

It's not a universal thing tho. I think it's very individual, for me it's easier to forgive. I don't want to forget, cause it's a lesson for me, but I forgive cause I want to be at peace and to show I'm a bigger person than the one who hurt me.

17. Have you ever stolen a street sign?

No... Why would anyone?

18. Would you ever strip or pose for a nude magazine?


19. Are you sarcastic?

More than I should be, but I can control myself.

20. Have you ever been in love?

Unfortunately, yes.

21. Have you ever had plastic surgery?


22. Do you want plastic surgery?

I don't. If I ever needed reconstructive surgery, I would do it. Otherwise, for aesthetic reasons, no.

23. Do you want kids?

Yes, some day I would love to have a child.

24. Have you ever eaten even the smallest piece of paper?

Not that I know of.

25. Do you miss anyone right now?

I do...

26. Introvert or extrovert?


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27. What to you do when you like someone?

Usually do nice things for them. I want to help, I want to listen to their stories, I care and I give advice, I cook for them, I ask about their life.... Generally show genuine interest. I rarely make a first move, so I'll probably wait forever until they ask me out. I'm changing tho, I asked a guy out recently and he said yes. It's not that scary, I promise.

28. Money or fame?

Oh between those two... money. I'd rather keep my privacy and lead a normal, ordinary life.

29. Asking questions or answering questions?


30. Would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back?

Neither, to be honest. But if that was the only choice, I would marry someone that loves me, because I know that I would be faithful and honest, and I would support that person no matter what.

31. Is cheating bad?

Yes. To me, cheating is a sign of a low emotional intelligence. And low intelligence in general.

32. Are you in a relationship?

Not at the moment.

33. If you could cheat without getting caught, would you?

What is up with these questions?? No. Not even for revenge.

34. Trump or Hillary?

I'm not from the US, I'm European, so I don't really concern myself with US politics, I'm not competent enough to comment on that. I only know that my country suffered because of Clintons and Trump is a special kind of stupid so... I guess neither.

35. Life or death?

One cannot exist apart from the other. But life, generally speaking.

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