hi yes i still have the same problem from yesterday and wtf. i'm gone for a yr and whi decides to not let me message anyone fsr and i'm getting Frustrated. pls send help. i really want to get in touch again with an old mutual but i don't think my dms are sending... so for the meantime, i'm just gonna mention them here in hopes that they'll see it.

to kate / user PURPOSEFULL :

HI KATE !! i'm back and i hope you're doing well,, i've tried messaging you twice on here to no avail and i saw you had a twt acc but i couldn't dm you there either so this is a last resort :/// i've missed you !! i just wanted to say congrats on hitting 2k, that's amazing and you definitely deserve it <33

- jo / joa

ok that's all. sorry for the shitty articles recently i'm jsdkfjd yeah. bye ily.