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Day Five - Write a Lesson Learned Today

Ever since quarantine, I feel like every day blends into the next. I stay at home and follow the same routine I have had since the first day of quarantine. Except, the same problem that emerged in March continues to be a burden for my family.

Lesson: Value your parents.
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I understand that this lesson has probably been addressed in movies and books multiple times, but it hit me today that my parents are growing old and I don't know when our last laugh or hug will be...

These thoughts surged after the song if this is the last time by LANY popped up into my playlist this morning.

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Specifically, the lyrics that say:

"Sorry for the fights and the tone of my voice
Sorry for the nights when I made the wrong choice
Life is flying by and it's hitting me now..."

I remember vividly when I would arrive from school and my parents would ask me "how did it go today?"

In my mind, I carried heavy thoughts and emotions but I'd answer with an okay, and with that, I'd end the day.

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At the age of 20, I'm realizing that my parents have sacrificed their youth, home, careers, and family in order to provide my sister and me a future filled with opportunities.

I didn't value them or their sacrifices. Whenever we came into a disagreement, I didn't feel understood, I perceived them to be the evil villains from my story.

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It was only until last night that they unpacked their heavy burdens. They made aware of the countless things they have had to carry in order to maintain the image of a happy family.

"Then let's do the things we always do
Like go to the mall and buy some shoes
I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye
If this is the last time."

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Being away from home for most of the year has been a challenge. Although I love having my own space, there are days that I miss my mom's cooking and my dad's random teachings. I would then proceed to reminisce the rainy days my mom would wait for me at the bus stop, holding an umbrella under the cold weather with a smile that caused her wrinkles to stand out. Or, when my dad would arrive home and cradle out baby ducks with so much love and endearment. It looked like he was carrying a newborn baby.

Honestly, I just hope my entry for today encourages you to acknowledge the small moments you share not just with your parents, but with your sibling and friends as well.

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Take a moment today to check up on your loved ones. People are struggling to maintain a positive attitude ever since the drastic changes the nation has had to go through, due to the pandemic.

Stay safe Hearters,