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So I saw this article and I decided to do it too. I must say that in this article it 'll appear SPOILERS from all the books.
Hope you like it!

inspired by

favourite female character

izzy lightwood image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Isabelle Lightwood

favourite male character

james herondale image Image by Val
James Herondale / Simon Lewis

least favourite female character

grace blackthorn image grace blackthorn image
Grace Blackthorn

least favourite male character

Image by Sandy Image by Val
Hodge Starkweather

favourite couples

Image by Val art, books, and boys image jemma, julian blackthorn, and tda image shadowhunters, kitty, and lady midnight image
sizzy, malec, jemma, kitty
tsc, tda, and helen blackthorn image girls, the dark artificies, and couple image
aline & helen appreciation post

favourite friendship

cordelia carstairs and lucie herondale image lucie herondale and cordelia carstairs image
Cordelia & Lucie

character I start by hating and then ended loving

Inspiring Image on We Heart It true, alec lightwood, and magnus bane image
Alec Lightwood

favourite specie

Temporarily removed tarot, aesthetic, and witch image
shadowhunters / warlocks

favourite saga/trilogy

book, city of bones, and cassandra clare image Temporarily removed
The Dark Artifices

first book I read

cassandra clare, book, and the infernal devices image Image by Val
Clockwork Angel

last book I read

book, cover, and inspiration image cassandra clare, chain of gold, and james herondale image
Chain of Gold

how did I get into TSC?

book, reading, and cassandra clare image books, tda, and tmi image
my cousin bought me the clockwork angel book, and for a year I only read the Infernal Devices trilogy. Then I discovered the whole universe and I fell in love with it.

favourite scene

will herondale image duck, the infernal devices, and will herondale image
every scene that has Will Herondale in it

if you could have one rune tattooed on your body, which one would it be?

book, bracelet, and movie image the gray book and shadowhunters image

favourite book

Temporarily removed the infernal devices image
clockwork princess

least favourite book

book and shadowhunters image book, fandom, and shadowhunters image
city of glass

favourite quote

road, lonely, and grunge image book, tessa gray, and the infernal devices image
it was books that made me feel that perhaps i wasn't completely alone. - william owen herondale

a scene that made me cry

kitty, the dark artifices, and tda image Image by Val
kit's declaration, george lovelace's death, when will put his hands into the fire to save jem's yin fen, and a thousand more

a character you want to be alive

jessamine lovelace image Image removed
jessamine lovelace

did you watch the netflix tv show?

city, sky, and sunset image Image removed
yes! and I absolutely adore it. I must confess that then I needed to reread the books because I didn't know what was a part from the books and what from the tv show, but I liked it a lot. I'm disappointed with the cancellation.

favourite villain

tid, the infernal devices, and tatiana blackthorn image Temporarily removed
Tatiana Blackthorn. I'm so curious about what she is going to do.

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