..you feel down

You Should Stop by Bloo & niahn

girl, light, and aesthetic image
If they tell you to stop, you probably should

Go flex by Post Malone

sun, sea, and dark image
Probably my favorite song out of all of his songs

Elevator by Jonghyun

brown, frosted, and gold image elevator, gold, and girl image
No words needed, pure perfection.

Sea by BTS

adventure, beautiful, and bonfire image
*Chef's kiss

Disarray by BLVTH

dark, lights, and room image

Will you look for me when you need someone by Dylan Brady

blue, hipster, and grunge image alternative, black and white, and boy image
Will you?

Beautiful Goodbye by Chen

11:11, wish, and grunge image grunge, quotes, and tv image
Chen never disappoints

We Need Space by Robel Ketema

blue, light, and theme image music, dance, and couple image

Life Is Beautiful by Lil Peep

blue and eyes image art, beautiful, and flowers image
Beauty is completely subjective

I Say by SHINee

aesthetic, clouds, and blue image
It really broke my heart listening to it for the first time.

It is completely okay to feel down on some days. Just know that you are important and if you are not able to overcome something on your own, it is completely okay to ask for help. Please take good care of yourself <3

{All credits go to the rightful owners of the pictures}